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When will it end?  Probably never.  Now Philly goes after Wells Fargo in a discrimination lawsuit.  Do you think it’s justified?



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"Philly Goes After Wells Fargo"

  1. R.Keller says:

    I kind ion like the freak show…

  2. Dawn says:

    I think that the two of you are freaking awesome!! I’ve been a real estate agent for almost two years now and am a sponge for information! Yours posts are always spot on because you do the homework and investigate and I look forward to ‘learning’ from you everyday!! I love that you are genuine and very funny. I loved your post about Zillow from yesterday. So far, I’m just using my sphere and been doing great without buying their fricking leads. I say Zillow schmucks!!! They are a scmart company and yet they suck! If you are ever in Denver, I would definitely buy you some beers!! Thanks guys for all that you do–you’re the best!!!

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