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The PHH whistle blower gets $9 million for turning in her company.  Not a bad payday yeah?



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"PHH Whistle Blower Gets $9 Million"

  1. Wes says:

    Just imagine the amount of the “whistleblower enrichment” we could all enjoy if we blew the whistle on all of the stupid government regs and actions….$$$ If only we could..

  2. Free Speech says:

    Does the lending industry provide meth for you guys?

  3. James says:

    You two completely miss what is going and with your limited knowledge of what really happened between the government and PHH, your statements are sad at best. Do you have the complete case file on this case? If not this is fake news! You don’t know all the facts that went on behind closed doors.
    I’m a supporter of the whistleblower act. For starters if PHH felt they did nothing wrong they would have fought the government. Right?
    Do you honestly believe they would not have fought? I have personally taken on two banks and a title company, they were 100% wrong and at fault! They fought me all the way to jury selection before they said uncle. Each defendant spent $500k fighting me when they could have simply paid me half of that for their actions and been done with it. They never pay without a fight! They will spend four times the amount on attorneys rather then paying out for their actions. Until you two have been in a real legal battle with a bank you have no ideal what your talking about.
    And you think $9 million is hitting the lottery? After taxes your down to $4.5 million or less, since this person who has been doing loans for 20+ years, after ratted out her company what are the chances of her finding employment in the loan industry again? Zero! This leaves this person to try and retire on this money. If they live in a high cost area like myself they will end up broke sooner than later. You two use to be middle of the road with your show, your now far right with Fox News. You sound more like pitch men for the banks rather then reporting what really happened. Here is a history lesson for you, what party has been at the helm of our country for our last three Real Estate market crashes?
    The crashes were in the 70tys, 90tys and 2008
    I’ll give you a hint. It starts with an R!
    They run the same game plan every time they get in control of our country and expect different results.

  4. sarcasmdetector says:

    Really James? You want to blame Republicans for the last housing meltdown? You’re a special kind of stupid, and not only because of your numerous misspellings. George W. Bush tried to stop the madness at Fannie and Freddie, but the Dems were in charge and kept telling him things were just fine. We have the video evidence, so please don’t even try to refute it. That jackass named Barney Frank and the Mad Maxine Waters were as responsible as anyone. Blaming Bush is laughable.

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