PHH Aims to Take Down the CFPB

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Well it looks as though the CFPB is on their own at the appeal of the PHH decision, and PHH is looking not only to get out of their fine, but they want to take down the CFPB completely!

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3 thoughts on “PHH Aims to Take Down the CFPB”

  1. Emmett Dempsey says:

    Well if we blow up the CFPB who donwe expect to enforce RESPA and root out the bad actors you speak of? It seems the bad lenders will continue with Zillow agent comarketing, MSAs etc while we feel good about ourselves being good lenders but with new barriers to entry for Realtor business.

  2. Hugo Slevin says:

    Some people bring joy wherever they go, and others whenever they go. Bye DF.

  3. Dave Towers says:

    Another good Saint Paddy’s band is “the angry brains”
    check the out at
    Playing Fremont street Vegas tomorrow I think

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