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The COVID-19 pandemic has obviously caused lots of problems for everyone. In the mortgage and real estate industry, we did great when it comes to interest rates but not so much when it comes to housing inventory. When we’re low on inventory we often look to new home builders for help. Not so much this time around as the pandemic caused lumber mills around the country to shut down creating a shortage of building supplies which in turn does what? You got it. Drives prices through the roof. The average cost to build a home has shot up significantly. Tune in to see how much.

One way to offset the loss of refinance business is to pursue other verticals of business. One way to do that is to offer unique loan programs to your database and real estate agent partners. Could no appraisal (AVM only) loans up to $1 million help? We’re sure if you get the word out that you have this product, those who need it will come to you. Click the image below and reach out to an Oaktree Funding A/E today.