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Out with Margin Compression In with Recession




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"Out with Margin Compression In with Recession"

  1. Kevin Hall says:

    A recession is a long overdue, much needed, welcomed healthy reset that will stimulate our real estate business. The Feds have been killing our industry by keeping rates down because they are pricing everyone out. Values need to drop sharply so people start buying again without feeling like they are going to get crushed when the market turns. A 25-40% drop in values would result in a massive increase in buying and selling activity, and we could all thrive in a significant correction. Fewer people would leave our state as well. Bubbles are bad when they carry on too long.

  2. Don Carriker says:

    Bran agree with you 100% about a recession. Not only is a recession good for the market, we also need a nice 20% drop in the stock market, a REAL correction. Both markets are overly inflated right now and overly bought. Stock market correction and a recession either now, or right after the 2020 election election will allow the economy to continue a strong growth pattern for years to come. I say Bring It On!

  3. Don Carriker says:

    Sorry Brian, not Bran…damn VTT!

  4. Duane Kaye says:

    Also, nobody wants to talk about the math that goes into the “showing a loss.” Is a company showing a slight loss – after ownership pulls $2 mil- losing money? It’s like a finance teacher once said “is a non-profit a non-profit if the people who run it make a mil and they have $10k desks?”

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