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Today we just wanted to talk about what we think should be addressed with respect to fixing Dodd-Frank with the Trump Presidency.



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"Our Thoughts on Fixing Dodd-Frank with Trump"

  1. Steve says:

    You two should teach Trump how to read from a teleprompter….because you two are naturals at reading your shows. Good job!

  2. Sean D says:

    How about leveling the playing field completely for banks and brokers? If the loan will be sold to Fannie and Freddie at the end of the day, why have different rules to favor the banks? This is absurd. SAME RULES for yield disclosure, same rules for disclosing pay. This is long overdue, why should banks be favored there’s no reason whatsoever.

  3. Bernie Malik says:

    I agree that loan officers who work for depository banks be treated equally with those who work for loan brokers. Test and get NMLO licensed. Borrowers have the ECOA, so why not have their lenders have NMLO… across the board. So what if the bank absorbs the hit when “one of theirs” does something to upset the apple cart. How does shifting the blame help the consumer? Consider the case where the consumer had a less than ideal experience obtaining financing from their direct bank lender. How does that stack up against the purpose for NMLO licensing. If I understand this, NMLO licensing isn’t a guarantee against a bad consumer experience. Is there enough statistical proof that consumer experience with NMLO licensed loan officers is superior to the experience with depository bank lenders? I wager there is.

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