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Opendoor is Back and They Say They Are NEW?




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"Opendoor is Back and They Say They Are NEW?"

  1. Thank you Frank & Brian for all you have done over the years. You guys have been a consistent voice of reason for everyone and it is much appreciated.

  2. I would recommend to agents that they get all the data on the costs of OpenDoor and make a document that lists out all these potential costs and make a list of some of the OpenDoor sales in the area to present to their potential clients and show the damage that can be done. When I am in front of RE office explaining the insanity of my world, appraising, I always recommend that the listing agents make a copy of the small print error level shown in Zillow and have that document ready for sellers when they say Zillow says”””””. I have multiple agents tell me of their success stories by doing this strategy to compete against Zillow, sounds like the OpenDoor is the exact same thing. Good luck out there and be safe. Thanks to Frank and Brian for a another great post. Hang in there guys and thanks for your support of the industry, including us appraisers.

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