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Open Door Partners with New Home Builders



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"Open Door Partners with New Home Builders"

  1. Where is the integrity!!

  2. Does anyone have integrity anymore?

  3. Thanks for the great video, showing exactly what the bottom line really is.

  4. Thanks for sharing!

  5. All realtors need to share with their data bases and help enlightened the public on the “true” costs. Seller’s beware!

  6. Jena says:

    Where can I find the petition to sign? This is the most unjust thing in our business I have had three home builders try to steal my client from me with open door thank god my client trust me and were smart enough to look at cost!

  7. We don’t have open door in our market yet! This information will really help when they get here. We need to be proactive at the local level to help people understand the true cost of using programs from Open Door, Red Fin and Zillow. If we can present the consumer with the facts then we can easily win against these large conglomerates that are trying to destroy our industry.

  8. Tracy Allis says:

    This isn’t surprising. Keep realtors busy with laws, rules and classes that are excessive (and threaten we can do this and that with every turn) while working so we can spend your unsuspected money you pay in dues, licensing, fees and do with it what we wish. This is your money working to beat your job and fire up all of the .coms so it’s automated and only a few collecting YOUR money will benefit. That’s my theory. I cannot believe the entire gig isn’t considered illegal with freedom of speech, etc. it’s as though agents have duct tape on their mouths and can be fined at every turn just breathing. My theory.

  9. Tracy Allis says:

    Hmmm nope only certain comments posted ??

    1. Tracy Allis says:

      Ignore last comment it was lagging WiFi. All comments posted.

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