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Offerpad Compared to Traditional Sale



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"Offerpad Compared to Traditional Sale"

  1. FL-MTG-BRKR says:

    No video, tried refreshing and tried a different browser

  2. Paul says:

    Video wont play, only image displayed

  3. You forgot the fact that they don’t offer full value in addition to their fees

  4. Ben Yost says:

    Ummm, Their fees are always negotiable. I luv you peeps (Realtors), so I wouldn’t just blow them off. They are here to stay- I would get a good game plan together. They remind me of a Builders Lender- can do things no one else can legally.

  5. These companies are crooks, they charge more than paying full service for a realtor! i am also tired of investors calling, want me to discount my property, sell to them, so they can flip and make a profit. When they call me, they get an earful!

  6. I’ve been speaking about and blogging this very topic for months.
    I randomly pulled listings from tax records of homes these companies flipped and the net loss in potential profit for the seller, based on what the companies resold the property for weeks later was on average about $16,000 in my random selections.

    Add that to the “Holding” or “Convenience” fees and those folks got taken.

    Not to mention the neighborhood values being pulled down with these lowball sales. It’s not good for anyone outside of the “Open Pad-illow” walls.

  7. Lonnie Hohl says:

    The other value that Realtors bring is the fat that we are here. We provide the personal touch along with the local info that could effect a sale.

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