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Ocwen paid over $44 million to auditors who now are saying they need to more than double that amount to audit 50,000 files.  But Ocwen is suing saying the auditors are wasting time and spending money on casinos and strip clubs.  Who do you believe?



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"Ocwen Auditors in Hot Water Over Strip Clubs"

  1. Beachbow says:

    1) Who at the CA state level knows a high level person at the auditing company? Maybe a little kick back there? 2) It’s probably true, because they’ll have to product the expense reports for the judges. 3) Isn’t paying for the audit kinda like testifying against yourself? LOL

  2. London says:

    Ocwen is as dirty as they come. It would not surprise me if Ocwen employees/affiliates were found to be sitting along side Fidelity at those “entertainment” venues.

  3. Penny says:

    I have an escrow right buyer using Movement Mortgage…more like a snail movement. Slower than molasses.

  4. alan smith says:

    Ocwen stole mote equity and money from me to more then pay for those hours! I have no sympathy or pity for Ocwen. They are so crooked AMD fraudulent and should be held accountable for their thievery. There are many more participants in their scam and dirty schemes. Oh, and how their employees lie! They are should spend eternity in their jail cell in hell! They settle lawsuits after lawsuits saying they will change. Yeah, right while they are ripping apart another elderly couple or young family. All that changes are the names of their r next innocent victims! Pure evil!

  5. Ron says:

    Ocwen continued with a foreclosure on my home even after I had sent payment on a forbearance plan and they accepted the payment during the foreclosure time period. They are the worst and most unethical of any company I have ever dealt with.

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