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Well based on a story released by the New York Times, it would appear that there is somewhat of a scandal with respect to the Fannie Freddie Conservatorship.



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"NY Times Uncovers Fannie Freddie White House Scandal"

  1. Don't you think it's odd that I can't share it on Facebook?!

  2. Mark Skinner says:

    Fannie Mae had a employee stock ownership plan for it’s employees retirement who’s value was liquidated through this theft of ownership wiping out the retirement of 3000 employees. It’s disgusting.

  3. Jeremy Mayer says:

    A Facebook share brought me here.

  4. Diane Balsara says:

    I was in Tampa and this old and on its last leg van drove by with an elderly man driving. On the back of his van was a sign: ‘Congress release Fannie and Freddie Mac. I’ve lost everything. This is all I have left.’ Just a reminder to everyone ‘investor and shareholder’ is an old man put into poverty by our greedy self-serving government.

  5. Marcus Weber says:

    Is that all you got? You guys need to grow up, really. We know the Administration is all about Big G but moving the agencys back to the private sector put them into the hands of self serving pirates again. You have to present a better argument and better solutions and dress better for godsake, you look like you just finished mowing your lawn.

  6. I hope this goes virual. Make sure you guys send this to Trump. Maybe he can make it into a national scandal.

  7. Joe Jacobs says:

    Really Marcus Weber is that all you got. Lending intuitions failed because of big government forced them into risky loans or be sued. But big g as you call it did guarantee these loans and when the house of cards fell were successful in labeling it as a
    ""BAIL OUT"" You theorists in the cocoon of academia really do not know how the real world works. There is a book called the "The 5000 Year Leap" you should read it lays out the argument for CAPITALISM and how the freedom of the USA lifted the world out of its cesspool of ignorance. As F
    far as dress when I see a suit I run the other way

  8. Fannie & Freddie "Conservatorship"…biggest US heist ever! #fanniegate timhoward717.com

  9. How does ripping off the shareholders and making their investments worth zip work? There were many heavily invested in the GSE's because they were 'safe'. At least in the hands of the 'pirates' you know what the rules are. And read my other post below. These shareholders were grandmothers and grandfathers, trusts and institutions responsible for pensions who thought they had a safe and secure stock.

  10. Kathy Sibley says:

    I also could not share on facebook. Hmm..

  11. Sounds like backdoor a way to nationalize a category of profitable American businesses which is Socialism, Defined as : a way of organizing a society in which major industries are owned and controlled by the government rather than by individual people and companies.

  12. I have been yelling from the roof tops for years now that the O'Spammy administration has been behind this. My theory was more based on how he can appoint the board members to the FRB, and in return made back room deals so the FRB would agree to just keep sweeping the profits. I have even made a few posts on here in regards to my theory. For me, it's just obvious tyrannical theft. And because the majority of people in this country do not have the foggiest idea what they are talking about when it comes to these issues, like Marcus below, with just barely enough knowledge to give him a response that clearly shows his ignorance for the topic. This topic is nowhere near the top of the liberal media cesspool of news. O'Spammy is the dictator in charge and if Liar gets voted in, this will not change. Liar will continue the sweep. Isn't it refreshing to know that your govt cares so much about you that they rob you each and every day and in multiple ways. And I find it sad that humans are so easily brainwashed and sidetracked with no more IQ than the fish in the lake that bites on the first shiny lure dropped in the water. Humans are supposed to be of a higher intelligence level. BAHAHAHAHAHA.

  13. I have been yelling from the roof tops for years now that the O'Spammy administration has been behind this. My theory was more based on how he can appoint the board members to the FRB, and in return made back room deals so the FRB would agree to just keep sweeping the profits. I have even made a few posts on here in regards to my theory. For me, it's just obvious tyrannical theft. And because the majority of people in this country do not have the foggiest idea what they are talking about when it comes to these issues, like Marcus below, with just barely enough knowledge to give him a response that clearly shows his ignorance for the topic. This topic is nowhere near the top of the liberal media cesspool of news. O'Spammy is the dictator in charge and if Liar gets voted in, this will not change. Liar will continue the sweep. Isn't it refreshing to know that your govt cares so much about you that they rob you each and every day and in multiple ways. And I find it sad that humans are so easily brainwashed and sidetracked with no more IQ than the fish in the lake that bites on the first shiny lure dropped in the water. Humans are supposed to be of a higher intelligence level. BAHAHAHAHAHA.

  14. Alan Swears says:

    But Trump is supposedly entertaining Bob Corker for possible Vice President.
    Scary thought. Corker is a scandal himself.

  15. Alan Swears says:

    But Trump is supposedly entertaining Bob Corker for possible Vice President.
    Scary thought. Corker is a scandal himself.

  16. Ron Leis says:

    It looks as if tax revenues were falling short again.

  17. Ron Leis says:

    It looks as if tax revenues were falling short again.

  18. Jody Draper says:

    Marcus Weber sounds like just another government worker with his head in the sand about how things work in the real world spouting things he knows nothing about but thinks he does. Carfull who you talk like that to Marcus cuz people that do know how things work know you don’t. And judging peoples dress is typical Lib mud cover attempt for their lack of thought. Shallow lack of substance kidding themselves and like minded, but no one else. Over all the private sector has always ran things better than Government. Always exceptions to every rule Marcus (gotta include the disclaimer for Libs that prey on the 1 Exception).

  19. Bernie says:

    how else do you think they are paying for Obamacare?????

  20. REX WHALEY says:

    Lets face it. The government is broke. The housing market is a TRILLION dollar market – to the govt. spenders it is a gold mine without guards.They can siphon off billions thru basis points and the public never realizes the govt is stealing from them because those basis points they steal never show up on a closing disclosure or anywhere else. I have been saying for many years that we will soon see the govt taking 3%, yes 3% in secret yield spread of every home loan- in today’s market that pushed the rate up about 50 basis points and on a 150k loan costs the buyer an extra $4500 out of pocket or the buyer takes a higher rate to cover the $4500 and pays out thousands more in interest over the life of the loan. AND NO WHERE IN THE LOAN DOCUMENTS WILL IT SAY “THANK YOU FOR LETTING THE GOVT. STEAL $4500 FROM YOU SO THE POLITICIANS CAN FOOLISHY SPEND IT. If they froze govt. spending at current levels for a decade they couldn’t eliminate the trillions in debt without secretly stealing it from housings secret gold mine- yes, it will be the largest undisclosed tax increase in world history.

  21. Bob Edinger says:

    Marcus Weber, you are either a troll for the government and big banks, or you do not know any of the details behind the largest theft in the history of the world. The big banks issued billions of dollars worth of mortgage-backed securities made up of worthless paper (defaulting mortgages and other similar) then sold those securities to investors, foreign national banks, 401Ks, hedge funds, and more. They rated them as high quality investments (S&P A or similar) After Goldman Sachs and all the others covered their positions, they put out the word that they were worthless and crashed the stock marketa around the world, all the while raking in billions of dollars covering their short positions. They had already placed their own people in the various important and relevant positions in the U.S. Government and convinced Bush that he had to bail out the too big to fail banks or the world economy was doomed (TARP.) They gave the banks billions, much of which was given to the upper management of all the banks in extravegant bonuses that we heard about on the news. While all of this was playing out, they concocted a story that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were the cause of the crisis. They hired well-known accounting firms to cook the books of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to look like they were in financial trouble, which was NEVER the case. Both companies were profitable at that time and had reserves to back up their companies in case of downtimes. Treasury and FHFA forced both companies to buy up billions of dollars worth of these toxic MBS's that the banks had issued. Although that was not good for them, they still had ways to cope with the forced bad debt. But, due to the illegal reclassification of Fannie's and Freddie's deferred tax assets as lossest, Treasury forced them to take draws from the government for several quarters as if they were in financial trouble. The contract they were forced to sign with the government gave Treasury 79.9% of the companies outstanding shares and 10% dividends on those shares, until the draws were paid back. In 2012, when the fraudulent accounting was reversed, it was obvious that Fannie and Freddie were not in any financial trouble and Treasury saw that they had to do something to prevent their giant cash cow from escaping. They concocted the "3rd Amendment" or "net worth sweep" in which they would take ALL of the profits from both companies, in perpetuity, or until they were insolvent.

    All of what I have written here is documented fact, further proven with the recent releases of previously hidden documents. There are numerous websites that have all of it, especially gselinks.com.

    The importance of these latest documents can not be stressed enough. They prove a number of things that the plaintiffs in several of the lawsuits have been arguing all along. But one thing that many do not seem to be giving enough attention is this – In several of the cases, the government lawyers have openly LIED to the judges about motives, prior knowledge of events, and a few other key issues. (They have said that they did not know about the windfall profits that were about to come and that they were trying to stop the "death spiral" of the two companies, along with many other outright LIES.)

    JUDGES DO NOT LIKE TO BE LIED TO. There will be huge repercussions for these lies and there are 11,000 other documents the government does not want to release that will soon come in to play.

    The general public has become very accustomed to being lied to by the government, regardless of political party. But, when they find out that the reason their 401K's lost as much as 65% of their value from 2008 to 2010 due to an outright plan by the government to steal their money, they are going to get a little bit ticked off, don't you think?

    By the way, Marcus, that's NOT all I got.

    People, get the REAL truth about the housing crisis out to as many people as you know. It is the only way to squash the lies and propaganda being put out by the government and the major news media.

    I apologize for the long post. If I had backed up all of what I said with the corresponding documentation, it would have filled several books.

  22. John Olesen says:

    I must emphasize at the out start that the Honorable Judge Sweeny is not a politician. So I'm not here this afternoon as a Republican, nor as a Democrat; not as a Mason, nor as an Elk; not as a Protestant, nor a Catholic; not as a Christian, nor a Jew; not as a Baptist, nor a Methodist; in fact, not even as an American, because if I was an American, the problem that confronts our people today wouldn't even exist.

    So I have to stand here today as what I was when I was born: A shareholder.

    Before there was any such thing as Conservatorship or James Lockhart, we were shareholder's

    Before there was any such thing as the Senior Prerred Stock and the 3rd Amendement, we were shareholder's

    Before there was any such thing as a tax deferred asset we were shareholder's

    In fact, before there was any such place as President Obama, we were shareholder's

    And after Obama has long passed from the scene, there will still be shareholder's.

    I'm gonna tell you like it really is. Every profitable quarter these politicians are sent up here to pacify us! They're sent here and setup here by the White House!

    This is what they do!

    They send Watt in Harlem down here to pacify us!

    They send the CEO's down here to pacify us!

    They send FHFA down here to pacify us!

    Why you can't even get a mortgage in Harlem without the White House's permission!

    You can't buy an aartment building in Harlem without the White House's permission!

    You can't get the stock relisted without White House's permission!

    Every time you break the seal on that lstock certificate, that's a Government seal you're breaking!

    Oh, I say and I say it again, ya been had!

    Ya been took!

    Ya been hoodwinked!


    Led astray!

    Run amok!

    This is what He does…


  23. FL-MTG-BRKR says:

    Yeah, what Eric Kinneman said!!!

  24. Randal says:

    Totally appalled with gov subverting law/constitution. It why Trump and Bernie are doing well. Establishment both parties better get this right soon or we may no longer have an USA. Pathetic most our elected representatives are purposefully sticking head in sand.

  25. Europe says:

    This biggest bank robbery in history is closely watched all over the planet. Terribly sad to see the Departement of Justice as a co-perpetrator. Gregg M. Schwind didn’t leave there without a reason.

  26. Tom Burris says:

    Cliffnotes: ohbama stole money from FNMA shareholders; And caused higher rates/fees for borrowers. All the while cutting the income of the evil loan officer.
    Did I miss anything?

  27. Juan Pan says:


  28. Bob Edinger Thanks for the well written pist. I have been read and researching the exact same information. These entities were never in financial trouble, and in fact, doing profit. Maybe, upon request, you will provide documents? I have many. The latest I heard was to the effect that upon :discovery:, it was found in emails that the plan all along was to take from the cash cow until it could no longer give. And, this same judge has now ordered them to release all documents. To the people who don't know the situation, this guy is dead on point. When all this breaks, people will know it was the government that stole their money, with a scheme to do so.

  29. Macman says:

    Great job on the video. The truth is sometimes ugly and inconvenient to some. In the case of Fan and Fred, the very little that has come to light so far shows the degree of lawlessness of our public officials. Even so, I do think that only a court ruling may turn this mess around. Even then none of the criminals responsible for this will get shafted, such is the degree of corruption in the US democratic system.

  30. Bob Edinger says:

    Helen Hammonds Thanks for the response. However, my insight into this matter pales to some other people who post regular articles. One that has posted some phenomenal articles is Glen Bradford. He has a websight, but I usually read his articles on Seeking Alpha. There, you will find several others who are likewise salient. Beware, there is one in particular who poops for the government. His name is John Carney of the Wall Street Journal. You can't believe a woed he says. Also, subscribe to timhoward717.com. I can't recommend that one highly enough. The owner of that sight (who is NOT former CFO of Fannie Mae Tim Howard) posts regularly, especially when something of significance happens. Not only does he give updates, but he is actively involved in getting something done about the enormous larceny of Paulson and company.

  31. Juan Pan says:


  32. The crime actually goes much deeper. Fannie Mae (and Freddie Mac)were never insolvent when they were forced into conservatorship. F&F still had equity, capital cushion, and always had positive cash flow every quarter from 2008 up to the 2012 profit sweep. Deloitte, LLP is currently being sued for ignoring basic accounting principals at the behest of the FHFA (Government conservator), in order to hide assetts on the books of Fannie Mae, basically cooking the books for the purpose of making Fannie look worse off than they really were.

  33. Hal Timinsky says:

    This is wrong but keep in mind the QM (43% DTI ratio) does not go inot effect as long as FNMA is under conservatorship.

  34. Been pounding the table as why this hasn't reached the mainstream media and why shareholder rights haven't been realized..these shareholders have been robbed by the very own government. Thankfully the judge unsealed the documents and hopefully the day in court is sooner rather than later. Just how much corruption will this uncover? Could this profit sweeps have been used to offset the cost of the Affordable Care Act(Obama Care)? Is this case fails the United States and all Constitutional rights fail!

  35. Morris Kunz says:

    So what happens to the money that is taken from these companies?

  36. Hb DealMaker says:

    This is something I’ve been trying to explain to my coworkbbers and clients for years!
    Funny how when something like this post that is clear and concise on this particular subject comes up, I can’t share it!
    Hmmmm? Is somebody trying to “slip one by”!
    This coming election may be an eye opener for the political elite!

  37. Joe Johns says:

    you right wing nutjobs will never learn what socialism actually is, but any chance to use the word, you take.

  38. Joe Johns says:

    amazing that even the dumbest right wingers support trump.
    he's PROMISED to harm the USA economy, to a massive extent.

  39. Joe Johns says:

    and then there's the real world, where government has shrunk under obama, while the private sector has seen a record string of consecutive job growth.

    which is the opposite of the last republican president, where ALL jobs created were in the public sector, and the private sector shrank.

  40. Bob Edinger says:

    Joe Johns And your point is what? Are you asserting that anything in my original post is inaccurate? Otherwise, your comment is irrelevant.

    Oh, and when the country is now at the point where over 50% of the population is now collecting some form of money from the government while less than 50% of the adult population is paying 100% of the taxes (the upper 10% are paying well over 90% of all taxes.). Now, there are less people in the workfoce actually working than since the end of World War II. The national debt is almost $20 TRILLION, most of which was accumulated under the current administration. And the $12 TRILLION that this administration has accumulated is more than all previous Presidents COMBINED. By the way, most of the "jobs" you refer to are low pay and/or part time. The average income of the middle class worker has declined by $5,000 dollars since this President took office. The cost of medical insurance has quadrupled for those who are actually paying for it while their coverage has decreased. African-American unemployment has skyrocketed (Males 30 and under unemployment is over 50%.) I could go on, but most people already know the rest.

    Yep, things are just rosy. But this thread is not about all of that. It is about a government that thinks it can nationalize two private companies and steal all the money from every shareholder, without the slightest consideration for their well-being. It is an illegal taking under the 5th amendment of the Constitution. But worse, it is about a government that thiks it can do whatever it wants and face no consequences. So far, it has succeeded, but it now appears that several judges are going to stand up to the crooks and bring down teir house of cards. We will see.

    The 7 too big to fail banks have no party allegiance. They have bought and paid for most of the major political players in both parties. The plot to steal all the TRILLIONS of dollars controlled by Fannie and Freddie Mac has been ongoing for many years. It has only been in the last few years that people have begun to expose the truth about this enormous theft. The tip of the iceberg has been exposed. Imagine what else is secretly going on that will never be brought to light.

    There's your real world, Joe. Your uneducated, politically biased snipe really does not merit the attention I have given you. You're welcome.

  41. Great video dudes! Thanks for speaking the Truth unlike the Treasury mouth pieces at the WSJ. Let's hope the justice system puts in check this Executive overreach. America sure has a black eye with this #fanniegate scandal, no wonder so many documents have been falsely labeled and hidden with Executive privilege, there likely isn't nobody not involved in this growing, ongoing, festering scandal that is the crutch on the true economic recovery. This is something like 20% of GDP. Gulp! Gretchen Morgenson at the NYT is doing a marvelous job too, no wonder she is a pulitzer winner! This sort of scandal makes Watergate a walk in the park. #fanniegate will come to define much of this presidents legacy. What a shame!

  42. Twogunman says:

    What everybody is missing is the fact there is no mortgage industry without Fannie and Freddy. Can you imagine those no down flake borrowers going to the local banks and trying to get a loan. Be glad the government has kept them floating. The government prints up the money and the USA is the only game in town. Its all perception, and the perception is positive now as evidenced by the low rates. Chill, and keep your right wing politics in the toilet where they belong. Hillary is going to win, so deal with it.

  43. Joe Johns interesting response given that Blanche's response is 100% the definition of Socialism according to Webster's dictionary so who should be defined as the nutjob. Webster's goes on to add definitions such as "Any of various economic and political therories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods." then they say in definition 2a. a system of society or group living in which there is no private property 2b, a system or condition of society in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the state. The definition 3. a state of society in Marxist theory transitional between capitalism and communism and distinguished by unequal distribution of goods and pay according to work done. Let me know if I shall go on. Seems to me that Blanche was spot on and that you are the one who seems to think Socialism is something defined differently. Do please, post what you think it means.

  44. Paul Krause says:

    Joe Jacobs Marcus is delusional. When George W. Bush tried to rein in Fannie and Freddie, Barney Frank and his minions pushed back, claiming 'there was nothing wrong' with the GSEs. We all know what happened next. Just another government power grab.

  45. Nancy Viejo says:

    March toward Communism. BTW…where IS that money going?

  46. Nancy Viejo says:

    Joe Johns you keep posting these sound bites. So how so? And back it up with facts.

  47. Carol Dickey Roden-Lowe Thanks Carol. The full range of definitions is excellent and I will keep them at hand for future use.

  48. Roy Sperr says:

    Anyone that uses the term “Right Wing Nut” scares the hell out of me. You only think you know what Socialism is….go live it, then come back and let us know how it went.

    FANNIE-FREDDIE issue is not good. Go Trump.

  49. Mike Ford says:

    Great point, technically it's til 2021 only

  50. Paul Krause says:

    Sounds about right. The thing is, we have Barney Frank on video telling the world that Fannie and Freddie were in fine shape and Bush should just leave them alone. Hard to deny video.

  51. The Law doesn't matter when it comes to socialism! Except if the socialist are going after you. With the Obama aministration the end justifies the means. They will ignore the law and create a crisis than profit from it.

  52. Chip Kidd says:

    "The White House" doesn't make any unilateral decisions. The WH makes recommendations and probably back room deals, but Congress makes the rules and amends guidelines these guys are talking about.

  53. CMR says:

    If these gse companies are so profitable why doesn’t these huge billion dollar bank and wall Street corps just build their own system. Forget about the 43 dti while Fannie is under conservatorship. Non qm could fix this. Stop using the gse’s and build automated systems and bring in secondary markets to divert theflow of capital away from the gov to the privasector. I remember when every lender practically had their own aus. Just duplicate the gse model. Make it clean, and bring in the non gov mbs buyers. But then again. Some of the largest private sector companies that have their hands in buying mbs at a huge premium for the gov may not like this. To much commission involved while the gov is buying mbs. Idk.

  54. This is something out Ayn Rand's book. Wow. We have criminals running the country.


    Educate yourselves, people. it was all organized crime within the private sector and every one of the white collar leaders should be tried in RICO crimes.

    Taking billions from who?!?!?!? That serve our communities?!?!? They created this with the intention of ripping off the home owners and took side bets the "creative financing" would go into default, due to their tanking the economy at the same time the interest rates increased. Oh they got their insurance payout, the securities investors backing money, and they have the audacity to continue to facilitate fraudulent foreclosures and go after the home owner for more money.
    (awe but isn't that nice of them to offer debt forgivness in a DIL or SS)
    This was created in the late 90's when they allowed playing fast and loose MERSHOLDING CORP to assign any mortgage to anyone. Do your research on all the banks that threw out the origination out the window, homeowners fraudulantly foreclosed on by banks that did not own their note and used the MANY companies that provided fabricated documents, forged documents.
    They created REMBS and REMIC's knowing full well what was going to happen once these neg am's ARM, and a tanked economy would create.
    Google the Forensic audit above. It is very comprehensive for even someone with a mild knowledge of how the Major Lending Institution's made the American home owner's and tax payer's victims of the longest con!!! What's we should be outraged with is the fact NONE of these criminals have been put in jail except one lady who have a ROBO-Signing company. There are hundreds out there forging your name or assigning your mortgage illegally.
    I realize as Brokers you guys are intrenched in the feeling pressure from the FEDS as a bothersomes gnat, just as the appraisers felt with the idiot Andrew criminal Cumo implementing HVCC, however, if you back away from the picture you will realize you all are merely pawns on their chess board in the game that started in 1995, when they sold the idea of MERS to Wall Street Securities.
    Oh and don't forget to check out HSBC, who is based out of Shanghi China.

  56. Bob Edinger I would really like to read the supporting documents and books you have on your comment. I just friended you. can you send me some of the resources.

  57. Marty Lough says:

    ..remember, the administration is completely transparent… !! ..and the Sun is green, the sky is black, and I won't %#@ in your mouth…! ('put words'.. that is…LOL)

  58. Bill Varney says:

    I was told by a top notch investment counselor to always purchase stocks that you are familiar with, that you use and those that have an upside future potential. I've been a mortgage broker for over thirty years so when it came time seven years ago to roll over some retirement money I chose to purchase FNMA stock. Here was my logic. They were a huge company with a great track record backed by the governement, They had a basic monopoly on the market and there were millions of homes in the US that needed loans then and in the future. What investment had that to offer? Now the sad part: We lost thousands of dollars in value on the stock. A loss that was hard for me to explain to my family because we kept seeing reports on the news of the BILLIONS of dollars in profit the entities were making. Now I know why and ask any attorney out there who is putting together a class-action law suit to contact me. Thanks Frank, Brian and the NY Times for bringing to light just another failure of our corrupt governement who promised under the current administation to always be "honest and transparent"!

  59. Hal Timinsky says:

    Mike Ford , your are correct as long as Fannie and Freddie are still under conservatorship.

  60. Barbara Foy says:

    Joe Johns What is socialism? Please explain

  61. Dan Monson says:

    I was on this site a lot in the beginning. The comments have become less thoughtful. There is much more name calling. For today’s post, it’s not about the administration, it’s about the law. If Fannie/Freddie are to be government agencies, then let’s pass a law doing so. If the law says they are in conservatorship, then let’s work on getting them out. No need to lob verbal grenades, just make a cogent argument for your belief.

  62. Alan Swears, yes, Corker is bad news when it comes to Fannie and Freddie. He has been actively trying to pass legislation that would hide the theft of these two companies.

  63. Marcus, you really think a suit makes you smart? or makes what you say, worth listening to? Think again!!!

  64. Marcus, you really think a suit makes you smart? or makes what you say, worth listening to? Think again!!!

  65. Stolen money is going to US Treasury, so theoretically it's going back to all of us as tax payers. But, don't worry, you will never see a dime. From there it is being redirected to slush fund projects that don't get voted on by congress.

  66. Bob Edinger says:

    Rachelle Falgout I will try to refer you to some of the most pertinent stuff. Give me some time to organize. You can find a ton of documentation on gselinks.com. It has all currently available court documents, as well as some of the best articles on the subject. There have been a number of legal experts who have posted very well written analysis on the subjects. It would do you (and all interested in the matter) a lot of good.

  67. Bob Edinger says:

    For a superb article on the deception that was perpetrated by the White House and Treasury, please go to the following link. It was written on the 23rd of May and ties together much of what I stated in my first post, but, unlike my wordy post, it presents the documentation I could not do in a meager post.


    You can also go to gselinks.com and access it from their website.

  68. Bob Edinger says:

    Rachelle Falgout For starters, go to gselinks.com and read this article that was just put out (23 May,) which I just now found – "Unsealed Documents Reveal Former White House Officials Violated Fannie/Freddie Conservatorship Rules, Apparently to Advance Bank-Enriching “Reforms” – Naked Capitalism." Incredibly well documented with the most current unsealed documents. It specifically refers to the lies in the court rooms in which the government claims they did not know that F&F were going to show the $130 Billion in profit about to be stolen by them. They used old and incorrect figures to justify to the court what they did, and it has all been refuted through court argument, as well as the unsealed documents that show they not only knew of the money, but forced the GSE's to not declare it on their 4th quarter 2012 earnings so that they could put the net worth sweep into effect before it became public knowledge.

    When there is that kind of information available, you can understand why I could not possibly have included the documentation in my original post. As I mentioned earlier, it would literally fill books!

  69. $30b cash at time and $150b line of credit.
    Good thing to know bud.

  70. Sounds like a great way to set up a slush fund to use as you want since it is money not allocated by Congress and is under the radar. Great way to fund illegal activities outside the budget

  71. Holly says:

    Never said why FNMA needed the money to begin with…
    Because they were FORCED to take on toxic loans…F O R C E D. This was all constructed by the WH, Treasury, and certain individuals.

  72. God….you could at least give credit to the dictionary for your usage….

  73. Joe Johns Please point us to the video where Trumps says that…thanks!

  74. Mari Marshall …according to Webster's dictionary

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