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Well the New York Post isn’t sugar coating their feelings on Julian Castro’s proposal on Section 8 housing.  Tune in to see what they say and we’d love your thoughts on it down below as well.



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"NY Post Harsh on HUD Section 8 Proposal"

  1. Dot Beckley says:

    It's extremely political. The New York Post is a mouthpiece for Donald Trump so naturally they are exploiting and exaggerating a proposal made by Julian Castro. The article is full of their own statements vs facts. Define social engineering….. If it is giving people an opportunity for a better or different life then I guess FHA is social engineering too.

  2. Lorrie says:

    It is absolutely social engineering. It is taking low socio economic blacks. First, the culture must upgrade its values.
    It is being done in my town, but with educated hard working people who are already part of the community but cannot afford the high cost of housing-

  3. Marsha Rachford says:

    Interesting, Dot, that you think HUD’s study is not a fact. I agree that the gov often lies (keep your doctor, did not have sex, etc) but I doubt that HUD would lie about a report saying their program did not work. You were probably a big supporter of the “right” of everyone to own a house even when the gov own studies showed it was a failing policy (except for Barnie and his friends and realtors making commission off liar loans). We all know how well the idea of home ownership being a “right” worked out for the poor and the rest of our economy

  4. If FHA continues to be based on income for repayment of loan and not a voucher to cover a portion or all of the loan then it really is not social engineering. Anytime someone is given something they have not earned it usually is not appreciated or maintained

  5. Dan Klinger says:

    I once lived on “the other side of the tracks” and I remember how great it was to move into a better neighborhood. I’ll never forget, my Dad came home one night and said to my Mom in front of me and my older brother, “honey we’re moving, I got a raise and a promotion”! He was so proud, and we were all so proud of him. We didn’t need HUD or politicians for a better life.
    So just in case HUDs plan doesn’t work again, there is an alternative.

  6. B.R. says:

    We were told by certain political parties that private school vouchers were bad because if students could freely move, then the best students in poorly performing schools would leave, thus making the poorly performing schools even worse. Now the opposite is supposed to be true when it comes to housing.

  7. As a landlord myself. We provide homes in a nice neighborhood. They are not mansions but, they are nice. I do not understand HUD's thinking . We have experienced with our tenants the more they are given the less they appreciate and want more. But, with a little assistance they go to work and manage their money. If they receive a lot of government help they don't try , they don't work because if they do they loose the help. It is not Rocket Science. Help more people.

  8. Dean Meier says:

    Landlords who take section 8 will take the voucher. Those who don't, won't. The only inventive hud may provide is offering more rent than market. In the past this has set an artificial price and created unaffordable housing. We already have sky high rent prices. If implemented this won't last long.

    Of course section 8 lifts very few people off the program. Those vouchers are free money and most do what it takes to keep them. That includes working less to make less. Why work for rent when one can have it for free!

  9. we have been the recipients of increased section 8 in out neighborhood in the past few years . the result has been increased crime rate and police presence . not sure it results in rising anyone to a higher standard of living –

  10. Jeff Vines says:

    I prefer letting those who want to better themselves find a way kinda on their own. Govt assistance started out as an aid but now it’s a tool. Social engineering never works! Only more corrupt politicians and leaches that will never be satisfied until you are under their control!!! Let’s have some freedom for a change and let people be responsible for a change. What a novel idea.

  11. Wally Cook says:

    HUD bases their vouchers on rental market "history". When rents are falling (2008-2011) the vouchers are usually more than market rent. From 2015 to present we have seen a 40% increase in our local rental market. Vouchers are now way below market rents. In most cases it is a felony for the landlord to accept any tenant payment above the voucher. We are asked to commit felony at least twice a week (by tenant prospects). The tenant is excluded from prosecution by the way; eventhough they are the ones making the offer. We will be out of the section 8 business until several months after the next decline in market rents. At age 76, I would say I am permanantly out of the section 8 business.

  12. I honestly don't understand why people can't see through the pandering. I also can't understand why people can't see why this didn't work in the past and will never work. I grew up poor, single parent home, worked my tail off to be able to provide a different demographic for my children, and it was not easy to break the chain of dysfunctionalism. As a matter of fact, it is a very hard feat to accomplish. So hard, that only a fraction will achieve such success. And then there are layers of wealth. What is wealth? What is it to you? Is it making 100K a year? 200K a year? 300K a year? a Million a year? Living in a home that is valued at 250K, or 500K or 1Mil and up? Some folks would rather not buy as much of a home as they possibly can for many reasons. Married to your home? Less residual income and discretionary income. Not being a target for crime, or charities and handouts. Some measure success on how much quality time they spend with their loved ones. Some will live in a level or two down in a home, but go on many vacations and spend money without pause. Some live in a smaller/lesser home so they can retire sooner. I mention this because Castro and DC like cronies make this ridiculous announcement of a possible program, and they have yet to think about the rest of the equation. Just putting someone in a nice home in a nice neighborhood will not do "jack". There are many other components of education that come into place. Ever have that one neighbor that is out of place? You know, the PIA. Or the neighbor whose kid is now a teen and is out of control. Come on, you know what I am talking about. For most of us, we all can look down our street or around our home and we all have that one neighbor that sticks out, in a bad way. "They just don't get it" type of neighbor. Nothing we say or do is going to change their behavior.

    I spent some time in the "Hood" in the early 1990's in south Florida. About 1 year of my life. This is by far one of the best educations that anyone could ever get. Until you do this, you don't really understand how it works. The vast majority don't want to leave. Even the ones who do hold down a job. Only a small fraction truly wish to leave and never return. Most want to leave and return over and over to flaunt their "success". Not to "give back". I'm tellin' ya, it's not an easy brush stroke you can just assume this is how it works. The best thing that can be done is to spend money and resources on the root of the problems. Role Models for example should not be professional athletes. They should be people who have gone to higher education, and received a great career and are now living in an affluent neighborhood by way of their own hard work and efforts. This is a role model. I don’t have all the answers to the root of this problem, but one thing I can tell you is by giving vouchers to live in affluent neighborhoods is just ignorant and a huge waste of money and a great thing to hear if the media, because it makes you sound like you really care, when it reality you are just plane ignorant. #PanderingPoliticansPlayUsAgain

  13. tom says:

    white flight getting chased down by hud

  14. Angie Borras says:

    Julian Castro sounded like an Obama twin. The democrats offer stuff. But the ones they offer it to just take advantage and do nothing with it. Only very few. I grew up in NYC in a democratic household. At the age of 14 I had had it! I actually declared my independence and told everyone, 'it's not that difficult being an adult – let me show you'. Guess what?! I made it out of there. I own my successful business, my children went to college, exercised their chosen profession, married exemplary men and are now stay at home mommies by CHOICE. Go figure! Get out of the ghetto and subsidy, work hard, challenge the 'victim' label and go where those that surround you haven't gone before. If that's a mouthpiece for Donald Trump so be it. Democrats are the reason for poverty! Accept it, become one with it, and enjoy your fruit.

  15. This is bad policy and a rerun of past failures.

  16. I'm going to Mastermind 2016! Hope you run into you two!!

  17. Jay Law says:

    It seems like that same thing happend here in Tampa FL when the local gov wanted a plot of land to build CONDOS with store fronts on the first floor that happed to have a housing project on it . THE CITY OF TAMPA gave the residents of the housing projects vouchers to move out side of the city limits in to the county in to better neighborhoods ..

  18. Let's move them to obama's area in Hawaii or down the street from the whitehouse.

  19. Dora Griffin says:

    I grew up poorer than poor and white. At that I was not directed to live on the other side of the tracks. My widowed mom and her kids could live anywhere. Now blacks can live anywhere, but admit it, it is harder for them since they only have had that privilege for a few decades. Yes, they could in 1970, but they sure weren't accepted, perhaps would have been run away. I don't know what the answer is, but I know more white heroin addicts than other colors in my area. I see communities coming together to cure the heroin "disease" more than any other social ail. Why? Maybe because there are so many whites subjected to it. I prefer my tax dollars not be used for heroin addicts who have a free choice to ruin their lives no matter their social standing. This is what comes to mind when I listen to your show today.

  20. I personally have witnessed what moving Section 8 housing into a city can do. What gets labeled as "White Flight" has more to do with people not wanting to lose their investments into their homes so they begin to sell before the decline in values starts to happen. This sudden trend to move out before it is too late then impacts the community values as more and more sellers take less and less and pretty soon people are under water on their mortgages and are stuck. 20 years later, an April 27th tornado which destroyed over 300 homes in the city happens. The people now had a chance to get out of their homes take their insurance money and buy or build elsewhere while the getting out was good. To date only 100 or so homes were rebuilt, many vacant lots or damaged homes remain. The city having once allowed Fed assistance into their community see the decay that followed so they turned away just about all Fed assistance with the natural disaster clean-up. To date, to drive through the city one can immediately see that the city has become pretty much just like the surrounding areas that were once also thriving well kept citites. Now, this city is yet another fine city that has an increase in crime, declining property values and decay. Very little pride of ownership remains. So depressing to see…all because one greedy developer brought in Section 8 subsidized apartments.

  21. The banner that you're pointed to "right over here" is not appearing OVER THERE.

  22. Mark Madsen says:

    Brian Stevens – I'll change the event to Mortgage Undermind next year. Thanks for the shoutout.

  23. Ron says:

    It is fair to say this is a poor plan, but for me the larger issue is having agencies that can make these decisions and rules affecting our society without Congressional Approval. Congress has palmed all this authority to HUD, EPA, and the rest to avoid being forced to make the hard decisions that can back to bite them at election time. Why are we allowing that!

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