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Today Frank has some thoughts for you going into your weekend.  If there is a secret sauce to this industry it’s only got a few ingredients to it for sure.  Tune in to see Frank’s thoughts on it.  Have a great weekend.



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"NREP Thoughts for Your Weekend"

  1. Glad you have tenacity.

  2. Great Post, Frank! You're right on target. Thanks for confirming what I keep telliing myself especially through the challenging times – nothing worth a lick comes overnight. The only consistently automatic things are growing weeds, cobwebs, dust accumulation and procrastination, For Long-term plans to work, the marathon mndset must be adopted and drop the sprinter mentality. My two-cents for the day.

  3. Tina Murphy says:

    good job, Frank! silverlining plus dedication, patience, & consistency! Another aspect is that you guys kept moving with the happenings and recovery of real estate. Value it is. We get so caught up with our daily tasks that we don't even think about some of the topics you guys research, vet, and share with entertainment. Love you guys! Go Giants!

  4. Kim Eisen says:

    How do real estate agents find listing booster loan officers in their neighborhood?

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