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NREP Responds to Anthony Casa



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"NREP Responds to Anthony Casa."

  1. Shane T Lester says:

    Frank and Brian,

    I truly appreciate and look forward to your message each day.

    I just sent a message along these lines a couple of weeks ago.

    This Avenatti style approach is extremely counterproductive. And I wonder how long it will take for the inroads made with some lenders become ex-roads due to the rhetoric.

    We have enough battles in this industry to create new battles each day.

    As a true Mortgage Broker since 2003, I have weathered and thrived through everything the industry has gone through. That does not mean that what AIME is trying to do is not important and relevant, it’s all about the presentation.

    I certainly hope the advocates in our industry do not paint us all in a box that we are unable and to get out of.

  2. Tony Habeeb says:

    I’ve said before and I’ll say it again Anthony Casa is a keyboard thug and is a weasel. He thinks he’s helping the industry but his tactics are way over the top and he’s pissing off some very powerful people. We all know he is a puppet for UWM and UWM’s goal is to put all other wholesale lenders out of business. So, let me get this straight he sells his brokerage to take up the torch for brokers? How is he getting paid and by who? AIME, UWM? Who? You know marketing, ARIVE and the whole deal is ran through UWM marketing dept. as well as the new yazoo portal that has issues. Casa thinks he’s a Guido from NJ but just is a punk that will get his one day by pissing very well respected people in the industry. And his followers are like sheep thinking he is leading them to the promise land. I say good luck and I’m on the broker side of the fence he’s supposed to be protecting.

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