Sorry for the issues with the show the past few days.  We had a domain issue that we’re having a hard time resolving.  We do know about it and thank all of you for reaching out to us and letting us know.

Until we get it resolved here are links to this weeks shows that should work find for you.

Monday – https://thenationalrealestatepost.com/stanford-study-supports-mortgage-brokers/

Tuesday – https://thenationalrealestatepost.com/no-appraisals-yes-or-no/

Wednesday – https://thenationalrealestatepost.com/non-qm-poised-to-take-over/

Thursday – https://thenationalrealestatepost.com/big-fannie-freddie-changes-coming-soon/

Thanks for you patience.  Your viewership is very appreciated.  We should have this resolved today or tomorrow.

If you’d like to know what happened, it’s kind of a funny/sad story.  I (Frank) kind of keep an eye out on the domains we own and use.  They are typically bought through GoDaddy.  Well a domain came up for renewal that I didn’t think we were using for anything.  As it turns out it was a major domain that’s used for one of our major email and marketing systems.

So I broke everything.  When we tried to get the domain back, it has been scooped up by a domain broker.  Bottom line, it cost us $1,200 to get our $9.99 a year domain back.  But we got it!  Now we’re waiting for all the “propagation” to go through, blah, blah, blah…

That’s the story.  So sorry again and we should have it all fixed up here quickly.

See ya.

~ Frank