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There’s a battle of wealth going on here in Northern California.  On the one hand you’ve got a wealthy guy that wants to help hundreds of homeless people and on the other hand you’ve got the wealthy people that surround the target area saying “not in my back yard!”



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"Not In My Back Yard Said the Wealthy to the Wealthy"

  1. Devin Baker says:

    Great show today guys!

  2. Glenda Britz says:

    Great idea to help the less fortunate, with his own money, 0 tax dollars spent. Great show, guys, you have great hearts!

  3. Bernie says:

    Dear Frank and Brian, I live in Cardiff by the Sea California. Literally blocks from the beach. I am surrounded by properties that have become rentals over the years. I have lived here since 1973. This is a very expensive neighborhood to reside in. However the rentals are now full of illegal immigrants. The house right next door to me has 20-30 people in it at any given time. There are 8-10 homes that are rentals that have way too many illegals living in them. The people that live here have trashed our neighborhood. They park their cars ON the front lawn. Their kids climb our fence and our trees in our backyard and steal our fruit. Graffiti has gone way up in our area, so has gang violence, drugs and the like. The house right next to mine put out 5 gallon containers with toilet paper on a stick so the kids do their business right outside my kitchen window. After working a hard day in our industry to come home to that smell that has been sitting out in the hot southern California sun is never a good thing. I have called ICE, INS, the police, the health dept., my local city council, and homeland security. I want my community back. I want to feel safe in my own home. I have received death threats, my tires slashed on my car, gas stolen out of my car. Then to add more misery the city council a few months back tried to put in a tow yard at the end of my street on an empty lot. Enough is enough so I think your NIMBY applies to me but the challenge climbed into my backyard, and my front yard. I am hoping President Trump keeps his word and seriously sends all these people back to whatever country they came from because I am done with this and I do not want this in my backyard…..If you do not like your country fix it. Please do not come into my country and trash it.

    1. KP says:

      Bernie, while your comment is understandable, when you speak in term of us and them, that is where the problem stems. It is this type of divisive talk that keeps this huge ball of racism moving. It’s funny, I never hear Native American groups espousing that white Europeans should leave this country. Contrary to belief, you were not here first sir. And why aren’t you angry with the property owners who have decided to rent these properties in such a way? You see, you do have a choice…. If you don’t like you current situation, leave.
      To sit and complain about what’s going on around you, I would consider insanity. Have a great day and remember, this isn’t YOUR country, you came from somewhere else just like the people you are complaining about.

      1. Competition Benefits Consumers says:

        KP, This became Bernie’s country when he became a legal US Citizen and agreed to live according to American ideals. Being a citizen gives him rights and it sounds like his complaints are justified based on the many laws he indicates are being broken. To suggest he leave a situation he does not like just as lawbreakers creating the situation are doing, is unfair and illogical. He should enjoy what he worked for without having people, no matter where they’re from, force him to move and start over with another group of law abiding, like minded individuals. To suggest people should be allowed to break laws that compromise the lawful, peaceful existence of others is unjust and contradicts this Country’s values.

  4. Dan Neumann says:

    Frank or Brian, how would you feel if they built these apartments in your back yard. The good news is that values will drop for buyers, but then the sellers can’t afford to sell. Along with “home ownership” as discussed by Glenda, comes responsibility. I had duplexes and triplexes in FL that I rented and almost w/o fail, all of my tenants destroyed my homes. These tenants would need to be on a list so that their is appreciation for what they will have and some type of HOA so that they have some skin in the deal. Also, explicit rules that require the responsibility of home ownership or you will be evicted.

  5. Randi says:

    Wouldn’t it be a better story if John Sobrato wanted to build the apartments in San Mateo County where he lives? Kinda sounds like he may be a NIMBY as well. A very generous NIMBY, nonetheless.

  6. David 30yr appraiser says:

    This issue is in every city in America. We need respect for each other, not prejudice. We are all human beings, and I am all for helping those who want to be helped with a hand-up which is way better than a handout.

  7. Ellie says:

    You speak about two different groups who may inhabit this low income housing. First you mention the homeless and then it’s those who work in the community but can’t afford to live in the community. If the homeless moved into these container homes who would pay the utilities and property maintenance? I can see the place being an eyesore in a very short time. If it’s the low income working folks than I doubt that they want to live in a 300 square foot place. Who would supervise the activity in the complex? So that it does not become a place to deal drugs? Unfortunately there is often a reason for homelessness and it has to do with mental illness and poor choices and drug addiction. A rehab facility might be more useful and productive at least as a requirement to inhabit one of these homes.

  8. jb says:

    Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!! I would like to see affordable housing (free) built on top of every new police station, fire station, courthouse, library or civic center using federal dollars. These spaces seem to have infinite budgets and adding 2 – 5 stories on top of the services they supply would greatly reduce the need for private developers to pick up the slack. Of course people may not like living above service providers, but if they are not paying rent perhaps they can begin to save. In addition, these building are already built all over town in high-rent areas, low-rent, near transportation centers, etc. It would be hard to claim NIMBY’ism or discrimination if they were designed and managed properly. That is my wish for Christmas. I hope y’all ENJOY a Happy New Year and successful 2017!! Frank & Brian ~ LOVE your show!!

  9. Jim Summers says:

    Great idea, but most likely a better location exists for what seems to be a high-density project amid a very low-density suburban neighborhood. Projects should blend in with the character of the existing neighborhood. Following good planning and land use principles should be the basis of development. I would urge Mr. Sobrato to develop this parcel into a low-density commercial/residential mixed-use project. It could be sold or used for transitional housing and initial employment/training for the homeless. An awesome hi-tech container village could be created in an area closer to a hospital, which would be more appropriate to better meet the needs of many newly sheltered individuals. Buy isolated land, in a beautiful and safe location, and a lot more of it. This would allow for open space, greater living area/unit, and more units. Make it green and energy efficient with profitable disposal of garbage. Add great transportation, like light rail, which would connect the development with transportation hubs and/or where the jobs are. What a legacy that would be!

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