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Non-QM expected to double in 2018.  Time to get into this segment of business.



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"Non-QM Expected to Double in 2018"

  1. SarcasmDetector says:

    Sub-prime was never a problem until Wall Street got crazy and starting doing loans that didn’t make sense (no money down, first-time homebuyer with two trade lines). We now have a pro-business POTUS and can get back to making common sense mortgages to deserving borrowers without fear of being fined by that scumbag named Cordray.

  2. mccasart@gmail.com says:

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  3. Christi Zug says:

    The ironic thing about Angel Oak is that they have to go to Wall Street for their product. Wall Street wants higher yields to satisfy their needs. There a very few lenders who don’t have to go to Wall Street like Citadel Servicing. They service 100% of their loans and will not take the risk that Angel Oak is taking. Buyer beware

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