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If you’re judging your output by your tiredness, you’re sure to be misled.



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"Nobody Cares How Hard You Work"

  1. The American Dream Misinterpretted. Work Hard and Longer and you will succeed. Then say that the Dream is a lie since it does not work. Hard work and a never give up attitude is a key ingredient to success, but working smarter is essential. Keep moving forward and keep looking for the smart way to do things.

  2. Unfortunately the bottom line is doing things that people will award you for with money. That is called value added. I have seen many people and companies working very hard and long in businesses that did not produce things customers would buy. (Anyone want to be in the beeper only business now) In short they lost their jobs or the business failed. Focusing on getting results (money earned or saved) for your efforts is the only value worthwhile in our very competitive world.

  3. Great….so very pertinent. I write down my things to do OR need to get accomplished the night before…they have to be tasks that willl lead me to $ producing results. Having it planned out beforehand is Key !!

  4. Peggy Rahall says:

    This is a REALITY wakeup call for many. Thanks!

  5. Mike Andrews says:

    Thanks. You always hear work smarter but I believe you framed the issue in a way that resonated with me.

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