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No Appraisals Until 90 Days After Closing?  What could possibly go wrong?

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"No Appraisals Until 90 Days After Closing?"

  1. Frank Feldt says:

    Let’s get back to work and stop making
    Socialist programs to ruin our Country !

  2. Pat Turner says:

    And I want to win the lottery!!
    Oh, this program might be more reliable.
    Good Lord help us!!

  3. Pat Turner says:

    The consideration has to be given to Fannie and Freddie’s following suit.

  4. This seems to be in-line with the current administrations rush to get business open and running vs. taking steps to make sure people don’t continue to die!

  5. Bill Price says:

    Why not use Tax Value or Appzl?

  6. Dave Harper says:

    Brings back memories! The Mad Magazine qoute, as well as Loan File contents post funding.

    I was a Staff Appraiser at an S&L during the S&L crisis build-up. Many file memorandum and appraisal reports were generated post-funding. Only worked out for REO Buyers later on.

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