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Remember McMansions?  Well they’re back and bigger than ever.  Why is this happening?  It really makes no sense.



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"New Homes are Bigger Than Ever – Remember McMansions?"

  1. Tina Wheeler says:

    Well actually the builders are trying to meet the need of multi-generational homes. There are many families looking for separate living space for grandparents or college or loser kids that won’t leave the nest. While I agree there is a need for these bigger homes there should be more variety in the mix including a smaller (less than 2100 Sq Ft) starter or empty nester home. Because these families can’t find an affordable home with a lot big enough for a separate dwelling for guest/family member so they need a ginormous home…Just sayin’

  2. Ivan Gonzalez says:

    Hopefully their will be enough demand for lower priced smaller homes to drive innovation for less expensive building material and building methods. Maybe 3D printing of homes is what is coming.

  3. Gary J Heinecke says:

    I am a broker. Been a Realtor 37 years and did appraising since 1980. Fact is a home should be worth what a buyer in an open unfettered market is willing to pay for this. When refinancing maybe a different story. USPAP requires a contract so no wonder there is a “pre detrmined price” of expectancy. Lenders accused brokers of controlling values yet the Dodd Frank has hurt the first time buyer tremendously by limiting what a broker can make and with new appraisal regulations all the banks did was hid millions of dollars and control values from escalating properly.WHen less inventory prices should be rising. Had a client who is a veteran buying a dwide had trouble getting insurance and when obtainable the premium was outrageous. Second because the loan is less than 100k and the brokers are limited to what they can make this client called 8 places only to be told they can’t help him. HMMM a decorated veteran. Third the Dodd Frank gives a lender the ability to own 49.9% of an appraaisal managent company. Many are doing in the tens of thousands of appraisals and appraisal doubled since the OBAMA administration and the Dodd FRANK. The client can’t pay for the VA appraisal so once again many of the companies that could do a loan and possibly make a profit after expenses are once again reduced. The broker cannot charge the cost of processng and has to absorbbb this but yet handing over to a “THIRD PARTY PROCESSING COMPANY IT IS O TO SEE PAID. Fact is many of these companies chare somuch and do far less than what an in house broker will thaat is is criminal to allow such differences when comparing brokers to bankers. Put everyone on the same playng field. Companies such as Wells have committed pure fraud yet no one is in jail. Barney Frank owns a piece of an AMC (isn’t he the CO_ SPONSOR of this bill?) Equifax and credit bureau costs have doubled and if a broker wants to help a buyer clean up their credit we have to pay for the credit rescores which could amount to hundreds per case without any hope of re- imbursement.

  4. Ed hoffman says:

    Builders tell me they must build large houses because entitlements (government fees) per lot are so expensive that there is not enough margin in lower priced homes per lot.

    Might not be the builders might be the people who are governing us and over taxing us

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