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New Home Sales Struggling.




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"New Home Sales Struggling"

  1. Scott Johnson says:

    Here’s some value to provide for all you professional LO’s. A $300k loan at 4.5% has P&I, that’s principle and interest for you KW Mortgage Originators, of $1,520. At 5% that payment is $1,610. So a whopping $90 per month. So Mr. and Mrs. Millennial, basically half of what you spend, each, between Starbucks and Chipotle. Cut that in half and the rising interest rate means NOTHING and you’ve provided a service and your expertise.

  2. Hepzibah Perez says:

    I want to join your event next month. I’m committed to making 2018 my best year financially and spiritually. Cheers!

  3. Kurt Nielsen says:

    Brian, EXP is doing the same thing as Keller Williams. So please don’t wave their flag. The bottom line is that we have all competed against builders like Dr. Horton who violate RESPA by steering clients into their own mortgage operations. We have competed and won against them in the past and we will do the same with Keller Williams as we know our business better than they do. My guess is that Keller Williams agents who don’t get paid extra for “Steering” clients into Keller Mortgage are more than happy to keep using their trusted mortgage broker and keep the lending challenges off of their plate so when the client is declined or there are delays because the client isn’t responsive, they can point their fingers at us….. Just saying…

  4. Kathy McKinney, EXP Realty LLC, Limerick, PA says:

    EXP Realty is all that it is cracked up to be. They listen to agents and give them top notch tools and IT support to be successful. Cloud platform is outstanding and offers Weekly training by top of the industry Brokers from throughout the country. They even ask for suggestions on topics to cover to help agents produce more business and all cloud based. And stock in the company too, Yes. Our office changed to EXP over a year ago and the best move we ever made.

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