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New CFPB Controversy has come to light with the appointment of the new Head of Fair Housing.



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"New CFPB Controversy"

  1. David Rivas says:

    30 years ago I believe I have made mistakes, 30 years ago I know others have made mistakes too. People change, people views change along the way. I feel we should make our opinions based on a persons last few years of work and actions. Like you state gentlemen, this is my OPINION! 🙂 Your guys show is awesome.

  2. M Rudolph says:

    “I have liberal views but I think political correctness has gone too far, absolutely,” a 28-year-old North Carolinian woman told the study authors. “We have gotten to a point where everybody is offended by the smallest thing.”

    80% of Americans think Political Correctness has gone too far.


  3. Kathy Blake says:

    This show is has become too political for me. I will only watch when Barry is on.

  4. Steve Bray says:

    Your statement that Mulvaney should have chosen someone who didn’t say things that were “so divisive” is ridiculous. None of his statements were racist on their face. (You nor I know his personal beliefs, so the only analysis we can perform is based on his statements.) He stated opinions – ones that a lot of apolitical, thoughtful, rational people share. Basically, Brian, what you’re arguing is that unless someone’s personal opinions conform to the progressive, politically correct view of race relations in the US that that person is unfit to serve. Seriously?

    Let’s look at what he said (as reported by you). He did NOT say racism does not exist. Instead, he said that expressing a racial epithet makes someone a total jerk (my word – not his), a belief with which I think most people would agree. He did NOT say people shouldn’t be punished for expressing racists beliefs. Instead, he said everyone deserves due process. (Plenty of recent examples to prove this point.) He did NOT say people who commit crimes due to their racial beliefs shouldn’t be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Instead, he said any commission of murder due to hate, whether it’s due to racism or not, should be treated equally.

  5. The Mortgage Advisor says:

    SO Brian is saying that we should just accept that we need to police our own free speech to make sure it doesn’t offend someone now or in the future??, that is our new normal? This guy Blankenstein is my new favorite, his comments are what we need to hear more of so we can have a true intellectual conversation about removing hate and racism from the center stage.

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