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New BLME Association Growing Fast



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"New BLME Association Growing Fast"

  1. BIll Dickens says:

    Maybe your BEST message EVER!!!

  2. Scott Johnson says:

    So far it seems everyone who responded is joining BLME. There’s nothing wrong with higher rates because EVERYONE is making more money on their money. Companies are making more money, raises are higher and so on. People have more money. But, the members of BLME would not know enough to teach consumers what’s really going on…the “why” behind things. Also, Members of BLME do not understand that SERVICE, SERVICE, SERVICE wins in the end. Proactively communicate with your customers, referral partners and ops partners. Makes life way easier. Your Members in BLME also are the LO’s who like to say, “I just want to turn in the loan and go and get another one”. Really? You don’t want to take care and be the point of contact with a customer who trusted you to help them secure financing on the largest single investment they will ever make? Yep, those are Members of BLME too. “Get off your ass and do something”…well said Brian

  3. Bill DeForest says:

    Brian, my cohorts said your peice today sounds like me since they’ve known me, lol. Seriously, mortgages have never been about rate. Rate is only a peice of the puzzle, not the only factor to consider. The rate is the best available for the client at the time they need the product per market, nothing more…. Hey listen to the realtor in the 1985 Wall Street movie when she tells Charlie Sheen’s character what rate Morty can get him, lol… Rate are like the price of bread or milk, like it or not, it is what it is. And thats how you present to you client. You’ll find it will shut down a good part of them shopping you if you explain it to them correctly in a professional manor… Brian, Great Show today my man!!!!

  4. Bob Wampler says:

    You must factor in INFLATION…..and keep in mind Successful LO’s/Realtors remain Successful, regardless what rates are and where home prices are. All the others are simply looking for an excuse!

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