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NAR proposes a National Flood Insurance fix.  What are your thoughts?



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"NAR Proposes National Flood Insurance Fix"

  1. Michele says:

    Brian, I’m right there with you! Why should the taxpayers support someone’s poor choice of property location? If they want to buy in a flood zone, then let them pay for that. I would like the entire insurance program to be scrapped. The free market will set the premium…pay it or don’t buy in that location. Seems pretty obvious to me. This is why we need some common sense in government. Who ever decided it was okay to spend $1.4 billion annually to support this? I doubt if the taxpayers actually knew about this they would be lining up to write that check.

    1. Lara says:

      The problem with this is, many homes weren’t built in a flood zone originally but BECAUSE government agencies keep approving more development along rivers and bodies of water, the eventual result is that older homes are now in a flood zone from all the runoff. My neighbors’ houses never flooded until the last two years…and with much less rain than we had in the catastrophic flood year of 1993. Something has changed upstream from us but of course no one will do anything about it so we’re forced into flood insurance or moving. Personally I’d rather move but not everyone is in a position to be able to do that. More common sense in government would be a blessing but feels like it would take a miracle for that to happen.

  2. Bernie says:

    Good morning. I want you both to put yourselves in front of a 50 foot wall of fire. It is coming towards you, your neighbors homes. Some of these homes are mansions and just past those mansions are low income housing. You are not going to care if it is a paid for hire or the fire dept itself putting their lives on the line to save the people who live here and their personal property. This happened here in San Diego about 8 or 9 years ago. Del Dios was on fire headed straight towards Rancho Santa Fe. multi million dollar homes just lined up in the path of this fire. 50 foot wall of flames being fueled by super dry brush. It was all hands on deck. Many homes were lost but these fire fighters stopped the fire. To the North San Marcos and La Costa and many homes were lost in our canyons. But where the low income people were many of their homes were saved. When there is a huge fire like the one you had and the one we had that took many lives and properties private fire dept and California fire fighters are all fire fighters and what they do makes a difference across the board. If Rancho Santa Fe had the private fire fighters that would have really helped stopped that fire in its tracks. Even Camp Pendleton was affected by the fire. We had embers blowing all the way to the ocean. I live blocks from the beach and myself and my neighbors were all out hosing our hoses down because those embers were huge. Any of it could have started a fire in other places and it did. Condo’s in La Costa and Carlsbad canyons caught on fire from those embers. Fire is fire. It does not care if your rich or poor. Our fire teams are amazing people and this should not divide but put more people in a position to help when huge fires like the one you just experienced and we did a long time ago. More firefighters is a good thing. Privatized or our federal government.

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