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NAR recently re-posted an article on how to present you house on Halloween.  We think they missed the mark.



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"NAR Misses Mark on Halloween"

  1. Craig Lucker says:

    Hey Frank & Brian,

    You want really terrifying-try being a Cleveland Browns Fans!

    As to the NAR study on the growing Gap in Net Worth betweeen Homeowners and Renters, your commentary “Misses the Mark” on one key item. It forgets to take into account that Americans who own homes borrow every penny of Equity they can on their homes (sometimes more than the house is worth), which is shy the REO and Short Sale markets are still thriving here in Northeastern Ohio.

    Loved the Bollywood production of Thriller though.

    Craig A Lucker, Broker
    Puppy Realty

  2. Tony Moore says:

    SO LONG, what happened to under 5 minute videos?

  3. Travis Egan says:

    You guys are too darn funny. One of your best shows yet. I love your banter.

  4. Try watching the Texans, most high school teams can tackle better than they can

  5. Roy Sperr says:

    Fact remains, more weath is created owning vs renting…what a consumer does with that wealth is a variable that cannot be controlled.

  6. Griff says:

    Who dey!

  7. Jeff Nunley says:

    That end video was the scariest thing I've ever seen

  8. Just another reason to retire the whole "trick or treating" thing.

    On the own vs. renting…if these guys only have $5,000, very difficult to get them into a house in the first place. Many of them are now renting because of foreclosures and short sales. Just saying.

    BTW, the Bollywood video at end was lame, sorry.

  9. Don Schmidt says:

    Good show, guys!

  10. Annie says:

    Did you check the address for CFPB headquarters for death in the house?

  11. Scott Davis says:

    Did you realize that the address that you used for your death example was Wisconsin Ave in DC and not wisconsin right?

  12. Pettibone's report did inform us of "Mischief Night" the night before… is he from Detroit ?

  13. Melissa Case says:


  14. Since you switched formats, I can't run your videos. Got no problem with any others online. Is there a software update I need to do to run yours?

  15. We've been running the same video format for a long time now. Not sure what to say. Try and load the latest Flash or something?

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