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If you’ve been watching us for a while you’d know how much we endorse Realtor Safety.  The concern of a lot of real estate agents is that if they ask potential buyers for proof of ID they might lose some business.  This video could be useful in helping consumers understand why real estate professionals need to take these safety measures.

We encourage everyone to get this to as may real estate professionals as you can.  Also, don’t forget that MGIC wants to make sure you’re all ready for “Home Ready” Fannie Mae’s enhanced affordable loan product.  Click their banner below or on your right for details.




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"NAR Issues Great Safety Video for Realtors"

  1. Sent it to all my Realtor partners! Thanks guys!

  2. Judy Horn says:

    Daughter, drop dead georgeous, was talking to a friend in a line about real estate. Overhearing her conversation a 50 yr. old man said he wanted to sell his house (expensive neighborhood) and asked her to come by. Upon reflection she asked her dad (a Realtor) to join her. Good thing , the man was visibly taken back when she appeared with her dad. As the menl's conversation progressed the homeowner told her she should look around starting with the Master Bedroom. She went in and spread around the bed was a large assortment of sex toys. She jetsoned back to her dad and pulled him saying we are leaving NOW. Poor dad had no idea what was happening as she was pulling him out of the door. She was to be congratulated on the caution she used while listening to her innerself.

  3. Wendy Nagle says:

    That person should be reported to the police. He sounds really scary. If the cops call on him he may not try something like that again.

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