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NAR Chief Not Afraid of Zillow



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"NAR Chief Not Afraid of Zillow"

  1. Chris Brown says:

    I think you guys nailed it. Arrogance is what drives people to say they are not scared and to not recognized zillow’s prominence is foolhardy. More agents would be served well if they followed Remax has lead to disengage with Redfin if I understand what has happened there, accurately.

  2. >>Or, perhaps he’s a shareholder in Zillow?

    Every Realtor in the Nation should be a Zillow shareholder. When you’re a shareholder, you have voting rights … you have the opportunity to say “nay”. If every Realtor in the Nation voted “nay” when it made sense, Zillow wouldn’t be in control like they are now.

  3. Rick Becker says:

    If NAR does not wake up, Zillow will eventually take over our clients and put us out of business. I had a client ask me today about some of the online listing services that don’t do much and make the Buyer’s agent do all, all the paperwork basically leaving the Seller unrepresented. Zillow will start with Seller revenue and once they get that they will go after Buyer revenue. NAR will find themselves sitting with a tin can. Maybe Zillow will come by and drop in a dime or two.

  4. Jeff Annis says:

    You nailed it. 5,200,000 home sales divided by 1,300,000 Realtors = 4 sales per year per Realtor. NAR Form 990 for 2017 lists an unmanageable group of 900 unpaid directors, $242,161,739 total revenue. Bob Goldberg earned $1,166,112. Dale Stinton earned $1,861,419. No wonder THEY are not worried about Zillow.

  5. MV says:

    Is it possible Bob is a Zillow shareholder?! Can a for-profit CEO be so dismissive of major revenue dissipation? Can an info-age CEO be so ignorant? With not-quite a 2-year CEO role at NAR, maybe NAR should be looking for a younger, more technologically-with-it Chief. Maybe NAR should hire a Zillow competitive CEO from Trulia, Redfin, or Movoto etc…

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