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Must we hate all the banks?  Do all of them really do everything possible to screw the consumer?  Are there no banks out there that strive to serve their customers rather than find ways to ruin their lives?  Of course there are.  But the way the Government acts you’d never believe it would you?



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"Must We Hate All the Banks?"

  1. Bob says:

    SO… Isn’t the Wells-Fargo fiasco something like this… kinda like monkey see, monkey do? So, if the federal government can do it, can’t we do the same? (Yeah… I know, Martha, it’s not fair – but you’re not HRC.) Seems to me, the whole country is headed this way – if you complain loud and long enough – you get the prize. Work for it? – what’s that? Just sayin’…

  2. Turnip says:

    If we want to survive as a species, then yes – we must hate all banks as they exist today.

    Farmers and simple tradesmen from 100 years ago knew that private central banking, and Corporatism leads always to a nation of wage-slaves. Today we embrace an ‘expandable money supply’ and do things to ‘keep the economy going’, like virtuous slaves that love their chains. We idolize the soldiers that come back broken from fighting the wars demanded by the same system. We cheer their sacrifice, while we can’t even breathe the air to do so, but hey – we gotta keep the gears moving right…?

    The biggest problem we have ever faced as a species – is the closed member private banking system. It is in place in nearly every country across the globe – stealing wealth and future earnings, indiscriminately and imperceptibly – while subjugating the will of people ‘governed’, to those that literally own the bank that prints the paper$ of that given country. Yes, we must hate all banks. We must also find a way to peacefully replace them, before we destroy ourselves and the habitability of this planet.

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