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Mortgages Getting Easier or Harder?



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"Mortgages Getting Easier or Harder?"

  1. Ed hoffman says:

    Two thoughts

    1) maybe less people with lower scores these days as it appears more people are more conscious of their credit scores and what they mean, less people recklessly running up credit than past years.

    2) people with lower scores have lower scores for a reason. Lenders who do loans for those people have tighter guidelines for that same reason. Irresponsible people who cannot live within their means are not capable of handling responsibility of owning a home, most of them anyway.

  2. Mike Carnes says:

    Great show today guys, I was in a meeting with 15 agents, title, home warranty and insurance agents yesterday and I turned them on to your show….this one will get shared and hopefully they will become long time fans like I am….thank you. Looking forward to Listing Booster webinars.

  3. Houston says:

    Don’t forget why these houses were foreclosed – months without payments. The lenders were the one who lost.

  4. Carrie says:

    We think is even harder for Business Owners because underwriting is asking for a lot of information even with credit score that 780 and above. Business Owners have 20% to 30% down payment with their business being use as collateral to buy a home and some of these Business Owner are first time home buyers. Just do not understand why mortgage companies are so strict on Business Owners.

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