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In our interview today with Barry Habib, we talk about an Inman article that calls for more rate hikes.  Barry sees things a little differently.  Tune in to see what he has to say.



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"More Refinances Ahead?"

  1. Sharmin Finn says:

    I subscribe to and watch your post daily with my morning coffee and love it. However, the past two days, it does not work. )-: Appears you have updated the page and the videos won’t play. I use Chrome.

    Hope it works tomorrow!


  2. Jeff Kaufman says:

    who won the basketball pool?

  3. Boy's the man crush stuff might be getting just a bit….um too close???

  4. Diane Balsara says:

    Thank you Barry! I am looking to refi but I want to save a bit more and knock down my current balance. I’ve been worrying I might miss these great rates but it seems I’m good at least into fall?

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