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Today we unveil a new mobile pre-app that requires ZERO downloads from the originator, real estate agent or borrower that will completely change how you originate loans going forward.

Text “PreAppMedia” to 21777 for a demo and to gather more information on how you can participate with PreApp1003.



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"This Mobile Pre-App Changes How You Originate"

  1. Mark Gelbman says:

    what about retail loan officers?

  2. Nathan Duce says:

    is it available for retail MLO ?

  3. How can we incorporate Pokeman Go with the loan app? No seriously, they should start putting pokeman animals at open houses.

  4. Don Schmidt says:

    OMG, guys, I'm not even originating right now and I want this. I love pre-apps and this makes it so simple for the borrower and the LO. No gimmicks, just common sense streamlining. This is where technology really does its job. Well done!

  5. I'd like to see the cost involved.

  6. Ron Aguilar says:

    The price for PreApp 1003 is $29 a month. There are no contacts and you may cancel at any time. There are no cancellation fees.

  7. Nick Castronova says:

    How do we get this as a broker for our MLO’s?

  8. Nick Castronova says:

    How do we get this as a broker for our mlo’s

    1. admin says:

      go ahead and fill out the form by clicking the PreApp1003 Banner Nick.

  9. Phil Denfeld says:

    I think you should consider changing your wording that says they are filling out an application. Even if you are not collecting all 6 required pieces of information from the borrower, if you have asked them to apply it has been determined that they are to be considered to have “applied” and thus there is a need to disclose the loan within 3 days.

  10. Shane Hancock says:

    So is it free? or $29/month? Is there a special code or something on the site?

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