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MLS Industry Continues to Get Called Out



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"MLS Industry Continues to Get Called Out"

  1. Scott Russo says:

    Frank brings up the point that there are companies that are working to the benefit of the agents/MLS to enhance the end users experience. Would love to know which companies he is referencing. Maybe we should align our marketing budgets to those platforms….

  2. Chris says:

    Our office is a Thompson Brokerage due to such poor boards in our area. Our MLS sucks, refuses to update fields, impose new rules without notification and lack enforcement on improper listings. It’s all political here and they are behind the times. Most of our sellers and buyers are coming directly from Zillow. We don’t pay to be part of it but they seem to update data quicker and more often than our MLS.

  3. Dan Scott says:

    The MLS companies sell the information to Zillow and the other sites. Unless I say NOT to sell to them, they automatically go to those sites.

  4. Dan Scott says:

    Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, Homes.com and others get all of their information from Realtor.com. These companies then use the information to garner leads that we are asked to pay for! Crazy!!!

  5. Belle Stier says:

    I have been asking for 10 plus years for our state Realtors Association to assist with a minimum standard all boards must share to the MLS. Local boards chose their MLS system and chose what data to share with other Realtors. How professional do I look when I have three different grid sheets for three different homes. If I can even access the neighboring MLS. None of them can touch what Zillow has already told the customer. Keep preaching!

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