Mixed Message Received on MSA Deals

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It seems there’s no winning when it comes to MSA’s.  When one lender terminates them out of fear of non-compliance, there’s no loss of other lenders to come in and take them over.  There are clearly mixed messages when it comes to MSA’s.




4 thoughts on “Mixed Message Received on MSA Deals”

  1. Valencia says:

    Love the shirt Frank. Brian when are you coming back to Florida?

  2. SarcasmDetector says:

    Great show, but who ripped the fart at @ 4:46? I had to spit out my coffee lol!

  3. Lori says:

    so who is the lender in oHio? just curious…

  4. Karen lynn roberts says:

    Right Hand does not know what the Left Hand is doing.. Just crazy shit

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