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Millennial’s are Killing Everything… apparently.

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"Millennials are Killing Everything"

  1. Ronda Stepp says:

    Enjoyed the spin you put on this. I have a lot of Millennials buying from me right now because the rents here are forcing them to. (Orlando area) Yes they are tech driven and that is why I keep up with them on my FB page
    http://www.facebook.com/seeorlandohomes !
    Thank you for the great insight !

  2. John Eastebrook says:

    The one thing that we need to realize about Millennials is that they came in the workforce in 2008-2013 after being raised in a pretty conservative, conventional environment where expectations were that you went to school, got good grades, you went to college and your were set. They did all the traditional things that were expected of them and basically got the shaft – declining job market, mass foreclosure, and a depressed economy. Many of them have trust issues. They aren’t traditional because tradition hasn’t served them well. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. There were many traditions that were shifting and needed to be reexamined – retail and higher education to name two. They are the future. It isn’t productive to dismiss this group as selfish and short sided. As some of the other commentators mentioned, it would benefit many of them to invest in real estate. They just need to be shown the benefits. That’s our job.

  3. John Eastebrook says:

    Frank and Brian,
    I came across a great video yesterday that I posted on FB by Marcus Lemonis (The Profit) that would benefit Millinnials: https://www.facebook.com/TheEasterbrookTeam/posts/1939648942917657. He talks about how buying a house gives you a sense of accomplishment and forces discipline.

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