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Today we talk specifically about Dodd-Frank and the new Trump administration with Mike Anderson, the PAC Chairman for NAMB.




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"Mike Anderson with NAMB Talks Trump and Dodd-Frank"

  1. Bernie says:

    Good Morning – Frank thank you for your service as a Veteran. secondly Frank and Mike did you not just see the election results. TRUMP WON, hell has frozen over and the impossible has happened. Everybody said Trump would never be President. Guess what Trump is the 45th President of the USA. Now guess what – that for sale sign outside the CFPB building – not only is that for sale sign possible – CFPB JUST GOT PUT ON A VERY SHORT DOG LEASH!!!!! There is a God in Heaven We took America back on Tuesday night big time. Anybody that does not like it, please there is nobody holding you here you are free to leave. Los Angeles you are welcome to pick up and move to Canada or Mexico. Chicago same thing. America spoke loud and clear and you have not been listening to Americans for a long time…..Guess we have your ears now…..

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