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Today we have some CFPB info, as usual, and we’d like you all to make a mental note – don’t get a loan in China!  You’ll have to tune in to see what we’re talking about!



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"Mental Note – Don’t Get a Loan in China"

  1. Jim Tyler says:

    I moved to AZ 10 miles north of phoenix 2 weeks ago. I left Huntington Beach Ca. after 58 years. I don’t care if its 175 degrees here–because the heat is easier to deal with than all the Libs in Cali–enjoy your show keep up the good work!

  2. Phoenix at 120 degrees? Do we want to ask the good people of Baker California , at the foot of Death Valley, about living with temps at and above 130? The record was 134 set in 1913. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World%27s_tallest_thermometer 🙂

  3. Moved to Scottsdale 15 years ago from Seattle. I will take 3 months of 100 plus degree vs 8 to 10 months of rain and traffic that means you spend 2 to 3 hours per day in your car sitting on the 405 or I-90.

  4. Went for a hike this morning in Scottsdale and it was a cool 87 degrees. Right now it's 97 and forecast to be 113…I won't be leaving AC for the rest of the day. Bottom line…you learn to live with the summer heat for the amazing fall and spring months.

  5. Cathy Ebert says:

    Phoenix heat? It’s a dry heat, but then so is fire. Mornings and evenings are pool worthy and personally, I’d rather be hot than cold, which is probably why I’m going to hell instead of heaven….and, you don’t have to shovel sunshine.

  6. Joey Smith says:

    I live in Mohave Valley, between Bullhead City AZ and Needles, CA. The temperature on the sign out side of Spirit Mountain Casino said 126. When it gets that hot you just go to the Colorado River. Its a great way to be in the water and cool off. So far we have only had power bumps, not any outages.
    Thats because we have a cooperative electric company that hasn't raised rates in years and listens to all of us! The best thing about the heat is you don't have to shovel it!! Californians, we will be here after all the taxes and failed fault lines.

  7. Wes Cordeau says:

    I have some tenants and know a couple that went to a Payday Lender! Trust me, you would not want to see nude photos of either of these people!

  8. It only hit 118 degrees. It was fine. We do not have rolling blackouts or energy restrictions. One of my daughters looked at me with a puzzling face and asked, "Why is that man jogging in this weather? Isn't it too hot?" Nope. Not if you keep properly hydrated. On a sad note, 4 individuals passed away while exercising outdoors this past weekend.

  9. I can't recall ever experiencing a rolling blackout in Arizona. So, I'm sure that tells you something about Arizona's infrastructure vs California's. Hmmmm. We do have droughts, but again, our farmers and citizens don't suffer from it like California does. Several decades of water management principles, long before we had droughts, but were anticipated. I hope that helps you out 😉

  10. I forgot to add electric deregulation is what has caused an environment that fostered inadequate infrastructure. Companies spend more to strengthen infrastructure in areas guaranteed to give them more profit, over say the suburbs. So, instead of developing the infrastructure equally throughout communities, it ends up weak or strong, depending on location. The result? An agingand overwhelmed infrastructure because the state is not regulating it. Arizona abandoned efforts to deregulate power once they saw what deregulate meant in California.

  11. Yes China has nude photos and we have the Dems and CFPB in our shorts.Too much regulation in everything we do. Their is a lack of inventory and prices should be rising. The banks are crying about fines however they have been allowe to operate at virtually no cost, illegally and wrongfully got rid of their competition by blaming brokers for bad loans and ARMS. Anyone notice that Barney Frank owns and AMC and that Track Builders such as DR Horton can violate RESPA? How about the liquidation of Post Offices through Feinstein's husband getting a contract from the government NO conflict there? Time to prevent the government from regulating any further.Time to remove the CFPB and change the rampid conflicts. Hillary wantss even more regulation . blames Wallstreet and is truly in bed with the big banks. WHy would banks be able to hide the fact as to how much they are making on increased appraisals. Sure fine some one 100 million after making billions wrongfully !! I would take this bet.

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