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Media Pushing False Information About Realtor Commissions




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"Media Pushing False Information About Realtor Commissions"

  1. Please send me the other contracts from open door, redfin, etc. I would like to show clients real deals.
    David Bourquin

  2. Jason Croston says:

    It would be nice to know the city and state of these transaction. Wide cost differences from CA, NY to ID or Midwest maybe.

  3. Dan Boutwell says:

    Where is NAR? I believe NAR is there for NAR. We load our Home listing information into our local MLS that we pay a fair fee to belong to. NAR has negotiated with all the online companies to sell this information back to us for $1,000’s of dollars a month just so we can take advantage of our own information. So I can only assume that NAR is getting Millions of dollars from these online companies that charge us huge fees and are also working to undercut our business. So the question is, Where is NAR for Real Estate Agents.

  4. Brenda White says:

    I was just thinking about this last Friday, “If I could just get my hands on a closing statement from these discount brokerages. I wonder if I could get samples from my escrow agent.” I’m just not sure if laws would have prevented the escrow agent from sharing that kind of information. So thank you, THANK YOU, for providing this sample. Can you also share the Houston Chronicle’s article?

  5. JohnG says:

    NAR Screwed Agents and Brokers a long time ago, why would they change now?

  6. Please send me a copy of the offer you received from Open Door.

  7. All those iBuyer companies mentioned are members for NAR and local MLS’s and have their own realty companies that they also make commissions from. NAR won’t run a commercial because they would be bashing their own members. Instead, maybe NAR should terminate those companies memberships?

    1. Pete says:

      They do not mandated to be part of NAR. As a matter of fact it is not mandated for anyone to be part of NAR.


    I also would like to see how these other “realty offices” function and charge to show my clients for comparison sake


    as soon as is possible please

  10. Guy T Stanek says:

    Can’t wait for the lawsuits against offer pad, open door, redfin from the families charging senior abuse when their moms and dads get taken advantage of.

  11. Howard Young says:

    I can’t forward on this crap. As usual NREP produces a loud mouth rant on a very important topic, obscuring the hard hitting points in their scatty OTT way.

  12. Aisha Williams says:

    Totally 100% agree with the show today!!!!

    NAR – PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE create a commercial or something to prove this point!!!!!

    Perhaps if Frank and Brian could start a petition for all of us to sign for NAR to do something about this, rather than letting consumers think that us “Traditional Realtors” are the “bad guys”….


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