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Today we talked to MBA President David Stevens for his thought on Brexit.  You’ll want to be sure and tune in because he has are really big brain!



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"MBA President David Stevens Talks Brexit"

  1. Will libor index rate drop due to Brexit? A lot of ARMS are tied to the 1 year LIBOR.

  2. Oh My, it's not the end of the World?

    Crap I just sold all my stuff in a Garage Sale and Gave all my Money to the homeless guy at the corner….. Damn CNN, MSN & CNBC

  3. Nancy Viejo says:

    So the negative comments are by the people against Brexit. Gee, ya think! I see this as a tremendous opportunity for UK to retool their trade agreements for the benefit of their citizens and for the protection of their citizens on their immigration policies. I'm with them on this as well as what the US should be doing for us first not second. Markets already bouncing back rather quickly and UKs money was overpriced anyway.

  4. One of the "negatives" of the brexit is that the previous bond buyers just took a hit in value? Really? Helloooo it's called INVESTING for a reason. This mentality that no big money investors should ever take a loss is part of the problem (and the one the FED currently finds themselves deeply mired in). And, then the comment that the Brexit will be un-done in the future. How un-democratic can you be?!?!?! If you don't like the outcome just re-vote? Wow. The google searches are because many of our clueless Americans are being told by the media that Armageddon is about to happen because of the "Brexit" and they don't know what the EU is, don't know the difference between the UK and Britain, and couldn't figure out a major political power grab if it sat on their face. Congratulations Britain for getting yourself out of that mess called EU. Let the chips fall where they may.

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