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Maxine Waters New FHA Foreclosure Bill is Shortsighted.

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"Maxine Waters New FHA Foreclosure Bill is Shortsighted"

  1. Ed Hoffman says:

    Absolutely the most intelligent show you guys have ever done, well done

  2. Tina says:

    How Maxine keeps getting re-elected is beyond comprehension.

  3. Janet Simons says:

    I really struggle with this attitude of entitlement, not just in this case, but in many. We are living in a society where we all need to be protected from something. Even our children learn at a young age that there are NO losers, everyone gets rewarded for participating. Someday we have to grow up & face the facts, live in the REAL world. You get what you pay for, the only way to succeed is to work hard, be smart and strive to become better.

  4. Scott Johnson says:

    Here’s a question everyone should be asking. How does someone, Maxine, buy a home valued at $4 MILLION on a salary of $200k??? Anyone? Bueler? I mean you talk about hypocrite, liar, THIEF…she’s been voted the Most Corrupt Politician. That just proves there are Idiots everywhere

  5. Jim Donohue says:

    You guys normally make pretty good sense and I enjoy your insight.

    This one however looks like pure right wing politics.

    For instance it does not appear to change any of the rules about foreclosing. Merely requires they be followed.

    And our Senator Catherine Cortez-Masto appears to be pushing a similar bill in the Senate. Why jump on Waters? Cortez Masto not as pleasing as target?

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