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Maxine Waters Large and IN Charge



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"Maxine Waters Large and IN Charge"

  1. Robyn says:

    Nothing like stirring up fear amongst the real estate industry first thing in the morning, eh? There are actually quite a few Democrats who want to make mortgages more accessible to lower income individuals because they recognize the large wealth gap between home owners and non-home owners. Interesting how you failed to mention that. Additionally, part of the reason our industry has slowed is because is because interest rates have risen under the Trump administration, which has contributed to an affordability issue in my market. Lastly, all of those stock gains are based on speculation of deregulation, which by the way are what caused the E. coli outbreak in lettuce. I know that’s not a housing example, but it is an example specific to the negative impacts of deregulation. Essentially, the Republicans are totally okay with privatizing gains and profits for industry, and then the taxpayers are left holding the bag when it comes to dealing with the losses…..reminder of the bank and auto bailouts after the financial collapse.

  2. Lane Elliott says:

    With these two women you can only say one thing, “You can’t fix Stupid”

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