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Market Buyer Agents with Facebook Live #REALTOR #REALESTATE #AGENTS I can t express enough on how high the demand is for “REAL TIME.” The thought process is this. We all understand that technology gets in the way from “Real” relationships. There is a self awareness that technology has caused a wedge between talking to someone in person and text messaging them on your phone. So companies like #MEERKAT and #PERISCOPE started bringing #LIVESTREAMING to social media platforms like #TWITTER. facebook-live-header2-644x250What this did was it gave a compromise to people who hated not business face to face and gave them a opportunity to re create a face to face experience. Will B2B ever be as real as doing it in person? NO but like I said its a “Compromise.” Well #FACEBOOK has jumped into this race and they opened up #FACEBOOKLIVE to EVERYONE via the facebook app on your phone. You can now Live Stream your day to day and share it with all your friends. So how is this beneficial to #REALTORS? Well I went to photograph a investment property for a business partner of mine and I decided to do a live feed showing my process for #REALESTATE #PHOTOGRAPHY and in the middle of my feed I had a Real Estate friend of mine jump on the video and start to ask me questions about the property. The conversation eventually led into her going through her data base and trying to contact some of her #buyers to see if they would be interested in the home. Do I need to say anything else????? Look If you are serious about your business and serious about #marketing in the year you live in check out my video and listen to how live streaming will change the way you do #realestate!





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"Market Buyer Agents with Facebook Live"

  1. Good morning, I can't see the video…..

  2. Lisa I am sorry you are having trouble if you want to head over to my facebook page you can find it there. http://www.facebook.com/gdavismedia <<<<< just click on the link! If you ahve any questions about social media marketing please feel free to hit me up anytime! I would love to help you and your business in anyway I can!

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