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additional comments on
"Marching Back to Over-Regulation"

  1. Munt says:

    I get your point and would agree with you for the most part. ALTHOUGH, I would argue that banks and branch shutting down are not the worst things to happen. Especially when these same banks do nothing to educate these minority communities that they serve(d) and just prey on their lack of financial literacy. Putting them in awful amounts of debt.

  2. Fear not gentlemen…Pres. 45 will crush these cockroaches! Any legislation that comes out from these two leftist loonies, will still need the Republican majority, (or a good portion thereof), to vote it in. Should it get past that, 45 will VETO!

  3. Frank Asen says:

    No, the boys are correct. The downfall started with the restriction of the appraisers. Once they went after our ability to use our relationships to the table the appraisers had to begin pulling back on values for fear of litigation. So the slippery slop started a quick and massive downward trend in values. I had purchases that came in way under contract price only due to the fear subjected onto the appraiser. Then people in “BC” loans couldn’t refi and had to short sell. That then lowered values more and infected the “A” paper maket. Regulation was the full cause of 2008>

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