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Mandatory 6 Month Prepayment Penalty on All Agency Loans




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"Mandatory 6 Month Prepayment Penalty on All Agency Loans"

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  1. I suggested the 6 month soft-prepay in your comments 2 1/2 months ago. I suggested Barry, UWM, Flagstar, Plaza, and Quicken.

  2. SF says:

    Q Anon? Seriously someone at your office a crazy alt right conspiracy theorist?

    1. Steve says:

      Maybe look into it better at Qmap.pub? I have. More to it than you currently think. Much has proven true over time… Just saying!

  3. Scott Lawson says:

    Lol…Wait ’till property tax payments come due….Sorry–no $$$$….Then come the County layoffs ’cause no $$$….It’s truly amazing those in charge don’t see this coming…

  4. YES, 6 month soft prepayment penalty! I’ve been saying that forever! Why the heck not?? It would protect lenders and us LO’s from early payoff penalties. It’s an easy fix! How do we get this done?

  5. Chris Phelps says:

    Wish you would have gone into more detail on the pre-payment penalty clause. In 2011 Florida made it illegal and is not longer allowed in any mortgage document. Sorry but I do not believe in a penalty and worked to get the law passed. You can google it.