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Loan Originators March to Washington DC




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"Loan Originators March to Washington DC"

  1. Darrell L Sparks says:

    the company that is sponsoring this with the initials TF is one to stay away from as i was with them 9 yrs ago and have yet to receive the 5k that they had in my P&L that they said would be coming my way after a brief period of time to cover any possible losses from loans that may come up even though i left loans behind that later closed that i even went out of my way to help the branch that closed these. The underwriting was the most stringent that i have ever dealt with and even though i would get the ok from the agency that a particular property was fine to be guaranteed/closed if sent to them..still wouldnt close the loan..be forewarned there are a lot of companies that are better than this one

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