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Today’s show is a little self serving so please indulge us.  There have been several changes to the PreApp1003 product that we felt you have to know about.  We’ll be back on Monday with riveting real estate and mortgage news, but today we wanted to share these amazing upgrades with you.  So Loan Officers – Get Your Freedom Back!  🙂

Thanks for being so cool!




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"Loan Officers Get Your FREEDOM Back!"

  1. Donna says:

    Okay, just because you don’t want to take an application at 9pm at night doesn’t make a LO lazy! hahaha

  2. Gigi FixLove the App but where's the break guys? Thought if I paid for a whole year upfront there would be some kind of a price reduction. Where's the motivation says:

    Love the App but where’s the break guys? Thought if I paid for a whole year upfront there would be some kind of a price reduction. Where’s the motivation?

  3. Larry D. Shutes says:

    You must have talked to the client to get the initial information. You should know their whole story at that point and have discussed potential problems, program options, cost options, etc. Unless you know their whole story, no pre-approval letter means a thing!!!
    If you spent the time to get the whole story and the credit report, which you indicated you had at 9 PM, why did you not upload the 1003 into the Fannie Mae Automated Underwriting system and get the Approve/Eligible you will need eventually. This means a heck of a lot more than a pre-approval letter. Once you have the A/E you can issue the pre-approval letter any time. They can shop for the house using the letter stating they have Fannie approve/eligible status. All this can be accomplished with a 15 minute phone conversation, which you must have had to get the initial info, followed by another 15 minutes computer work. I do not know your market but I do know here in the Seattle market once we have the Fannie Mae, or GUS if USDA, approve/eligible our loan is 80% positive to close when we meet the conditions of the Approve/Eligible designation. As a professional LO, you an immediate phone call, human contact, with you agent and or client at the 9 PM hour would have been more appreciated that anything mechanical. You will also get more referrals with human contact.
    From an 47 year, old school professional.

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