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Loan Officers Furious with Zillow



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"Loan Officers Furious with Zillow"

  1. Don’t co-market. Someone will take Zillows place soon I would imagine.

  2. Free Speech says:

    What, you thought the millennial ezxtortionist sociopaths of the Internet giants WEREN’T out to destroy you?

  3. Richard Anderson says:

    Zillow is taking money from Loan Officers and then taking the leads. Nice Job Zillow

  4. Jeff Womack says:

    So Zillow mortgage leads were ridiculously expensive and worthless. After learning about their mortgage company it further solidified my decision to stop funneling money to them. I made sure to tell them exactly why I don’t want them.

  5. Aurora Boyd says:

    I will never support Zillow no matter what

  6. REOREALTOR1 says:

    With all due respect to everyone; if your business model and lead generation is that poor that you pay for leads you deserve this. Made the mistake of giving out my info on the net for a mortgage. FOUR months after I refinance I was still getting calls. So basically their company was paying for old dead leads.

  7. Teresa Tims says:

    WOW JUST WOWWWW… Wake up Realtors!

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