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Liz Warren Debate Comments Examined




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"Liz Warren Debate Comments Examined"

  1. FL-MTG-BRKR says:

    Just unbelievable…. but really not surprising…

  2. Ann smith says:

    Great show!!! THANKS, it is shameful how our government reallocates fine money.
    And where is the transparency? They just seem to do what they want
    and to bad for the nonpolitical people, like we are stupid and need
    their assistance.

  3. Bob Morgan says:

    Excellent show. So some of that money went to partisan groups and even some to market student loans. Wait are those the same student loans Warren wants to forgive if President? What a scam the Civil Penalty Fund is and should be looked into deeper.

  4. Roger Fleck says:

    Cfpb robbed thr banks but unlike Robin they never gave it to people who actually had real problems .Down with warren she has no idea how to balance a checkbook. Her ideas lol

  5. John Donohue says:

    If she gets nominated, her adversary should confront her with this question: “Exactly where did the $12 Billion in fines go?” and then hound her until it is made clear it went to “political organizers” (we Despicables get triggered by that phrase) and collectivist advocates in genera.

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