We’ve released our video walk-thru mobile app for Listing Booster over the weekend.

It allows you to produce a very simple video walk-thru of your (or your agent’s) listing using your smart phone and it’s available in both the Android and iOS app stores now.

It allows you up to 6 minutes to complete a narrated walk-thru of your (or your agent’s) listing and allows you to add background music as well.

It creates a “branded” and “unbranded” link that can be used with any MLS or public listing aggregator such as Zillow. Click the image above for a rough demo we put together while testing the app. We’re sure you’ll make them much cooler!

Making use of a smart phone gimbal will produce stellar results saving you lots of money by allowing you to make your own walk-thru videos instead of paying for one.

The walk-thru landing page is also easily shared to Facebook and other social sites.

It’s also playable through the listings dedicated property website created by Listing Booster.

In our beta testing we found that consumers actually prefer an honest simple walk-thru of a listing over the “moving picture” style virtual tours that most other products offer.

The Listing Booster video walk-thru app is extremely easy to use and is an excellent way to allow prospective buyers to preview how your listing actually looks and flows in “real life” while we’re finding new ways to show properties due to COVID-19.

To load the app on your iPhone – CLICK HERE.

To load the app on your Android phone – CLICK HERE.

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