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So now Lending Tree is offering Zestimate type valuations on homes.  They have a bit of a different angle though.



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"Lending Tree Now Offering Zestimate Type Valuations"

  1. Kenneth says:

    When the online Zestimate goes away it will be a good thing- you will have to call a Realtor in the know or a Appraiser and the online desk jockeys who think they can get rid of an industry with a keyboard and a algorithm will go back to their computer games.

  2. Kate Williamson says:

    The webinar also covers pending changes to the HMDA reporting screens. Calyx POINT already has it integrated. The presenter states that “all of us” (companies, not individual LO’s) need to get an LEI (Legal Entity Identifier)prior to 1/3/18 also. I found this link that I think is the correct one for USA companies – this LEI thing is worldwide. https://lei.bloomberg.com. Due to the fact that all companies will need it, they suggested getting it sooner rather than waiting until the last minute. This is the 1st that I have heard about this – does anyone else know anything?

  3. Ken MacDonough says:

    Hi, The commission of a $500,000 sale is $25,000. The appraisal fee would be about $400 to $600. The appraiser would spend about 5 or 6 hours on the report and put his license on the line. That is short money in my opinion.

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