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Lender Tries a New Approach for Seniors



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"Lender Tries a New Approach for Seniors"

  1. Francine Kianoff says:

    I think you guys need to take a step back and actually think about seniors today. The average age of a RE agent is now 58. Do they know how to use a computer? Hmmmm. And the fastest growing group of computer users according to AARP is seniors. Hmmmm. Those born in 1964 bought first house in 1990 or later. Hmmm. Seniors are starting and running businesses and marathons. No computer savvy? Seriously?


    I can sum up today’s Post in a single word: AGEISM. Ageism is defined as prejudice or discrimination on the grounds of a person’s age. I’ve been doing reverse mortgages exclusively since 2007. Back then, fasting growing segment of the population getting online were people 70+. Why? Facebook-they wanted to see all the pics of their grandkids. Today, the majority of my non-referral customers find me via my website. I have brokered my reverse loans to Liberty Home Equity Solutions for over 10 years and I agree they are AWESOME. But this consumer direct website for R.M.s concerns me. With the launch of the internet, did travel agents predict their demise? Forward originators saw a dramatic shift in their origination practices. So I would caution you about being so quick to dismiss the idea of online consumer-direct reverse mortgages. My 91 year old mother-in-law checks her email daily (on her computer or i-phone) and while she doesn’t play online games that use a controller, I’ve got a Benji that says she’d kick your fannies in a game of online Scrabble!

  3. Dave Greene says:

    Love the story! I find the seniors that have issues with computers and the web are typically in their 80’s. After all the internet has been out for 27 years already and the home computer’s debut was 41 years ago.

  4. Brannon says:

    My Grandma is 98 and still fires up the computer to send her daily news emails to the family. These active adult communities are like college all over again for seniors

  5. JON KAEMPFER says:

    I have been doing Reverse Mortgages since 2000, and seniors still contact me on the internet, and some by phone or email, but the main difference has been they still would like to meet you. For my forward mortgages, most people I deal with, or fine to do everything by the internet, and I may never see them until the signing, which I go to everyone.

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